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January 28, 2009

Firstly I steamed my face last night before bed with menthol crystals. They worked and I slept well and almost felt human when I woke up. This is a good thing.

I knew I was fit enough for work. BOOO! but because I went in to work I also had time to go to town at lunch and get a couple of things. Firstly a package to send a finished object. *shock horror* and some coffee beans *YUM* and finally one of my colleagues that I walk home with sometimes is leaving BOOO! but I was given his money to go down town and get his leaving present. Which turned out to be a really classy Parker pen with a pot of turquoise ink. NOW if he ever uses that ink he will remember us. A great find.

Now I do want to talk about my FO but that was for my knitting post which will be very soon I promise. I just need to upload some photos to flickr.

The one brilliant thing I noticed. I’m happier but its just because I’m not spending ALL day fighting a headache.