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January 29, 2009

I hear you say “its about time” and I warn you its picture heavy

well I’m so lax with this I’ve got no idea where to start. Firstly I thought I’d better at least mention I bought myself these new books: fitted knits and gathering of lace for Christmas. The 2nd of my books is being used in #3. My challenge if I do choose to accept it is to follow more book patterns this year because I have a great and stunning library of items now. So on with the current projects.

1, do I felt it or do I not?
chunky hat

Its a hat, straight from carded fiber, I drafted the fiber as I went along but added almost no spin so it may just fall apart at any given moment. Also its just a tad too small for my huge bonce. I want to felt it but meh… we’ll see.

2, new socks with new hand spun yarn. I bought some yarn from bockstark knits
socks! made from this gorgeous yarn:

I love it, its pretty and as I started this on Sunday its going very quickly indeed. I’m already up to the heel turns on both socks. They are turning out very beautiful indeed.

3, progress on a pattern I am following for once:

From a gathering of lace. It is also beautiful but I had to double up some lace weight in cinnamon to get a texture and weight I was happy with. This meant the 800 yards ball is now only 400 yards. Its alpaca which I just happened to have some slightly heavier alpaca in a natural grey. I will be transferring over to the new colour in stages and hopefully it will blend well.

4, FO FO FO FO FO! *sung to a tune*

OH  MY  GOD.. its beautiful, and I packaged it nicely and I cant wait for Eve to get it.

I do want to publish more pictures but she’s not got it yet. Click the above image to see the pictures of the item I made from ball to complete and packaged. Please, its worth it. I love it and I hope Eve does too.

5, and finally a photo of my dad in his Christmas scarf. Taken at lunch time today. We went out for tapas which was lovely.

He’s probably going to hate me for putting it up but I still think he’s super handsome.

AAAAAAAnd, all that means I’m quite a bit happier and off to knitting night tonight and picking up a friend on the way. woo! good things.