a not so secret project

February 25, 2009

One of the not so hidden projects at the moment was to get some of my photos from Flickr and print them.

The reason was a lovely man who works at Castle mall in Norwich had a free shop space and instead of leaving it empty he’s had it painted white and is giving it up free of charge to Norwich Flickr members to post up their own photos.

The brief was to produce some photos of Norwich for all to see. The weather has been terrible recently so all of these photos had to come from the back stash that I have in Flickr.

The lovely man, Rob is his name, asked the whole norwich flickr group, now 9 people have made the effort, to frame our photos and get them to him by Friday. Some have done Norfolk, some just arty shots, and some entirely just Norwich like me.

My photos got there at lunch time today, I did 6 framed 14 by 11 inch frames with 10 by 7 inch prints in them. I must admit I did a really lazy framing job but they still look nice. I met Rob at lunch time and another of the flickr members putting up his pictures. I’m super excited by this and its the first time I’ve ever been hung in a gallery, in any form!

This saturday night, for friends, family, us and anyone else who are well wishers are welcome to come along to the gallery open evening. From 6pm till 9pm at the back on the upper floor of castle mall.

WOO! its a good start, I doubt I’ll ever get famous for it but at least I can say I’ve been in a gallery! Here’s a link to the 6 items I used. My theme: Look up look down in Norwich. A small foray in to alternative views of our city.


  1. Waaaay cool 🙂

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