March 4, 2009

Last Wednesday Dad came over for dinner in the evening and Scotty and I went out for food with him. It was delicious Italian and very rich but I suffered all night because of that and a small helping of vino. Since then I’ve been working my socks off. I earned toil and had Friday afternoon off work. This was most exciting because AM also had the afternoon working from home. So instead we went to my house and watched Sweeney Todd again. Knitted quite a bit and I’ve nearly finished another pair of socks that I’ve completely forgotten to take any photos of or tell you about. These are strangely made with courtelle. I’m experimenting with different yarns to see which ones last the longest and wear well. I can even wear through wool nylon mix socks after 3 to 6 months wear. Plus the more socks I knit, the more home made socks go in to rotation so they all don’t get warn down quite so much.

So, that’s Dad and knitting covered. I won a competition to win YARN. Which are just about the best competitions out there in the whole wide world. I put a caption to a picture. They said I won and some lovely Irish Kilcarra yarn. I am wearing it as a skein scarf right now to keep me warm. It arrived at work this morning and made me squee with joy. I just wish I had washing details, I want to know if it felts or not before I use it. Ravelry is not saying and neither are any of the supplier web sites.

Finally I’d like to mention work. I struggle with this subject because sometimes there are business requirements that mean I need to keep my lips zipped. In this case I should be fine. So far this week the backup tape drive failed for the office, followed by the air conditioning failing in the server room followed by the phone system failing due to over heating battery supplies to the phone system which was in turn caused by the aircon outage. I’ve got a new PC for someone every day this week and normal work load too. Then the office manager is not well, I wish her the best and hope she can come back soon because between me her and our part time building maintenance we’re all that is keeping the office building together. R the maintenance guy is great and helpful and we work well together except because he has other out of hours jobs to do about the building he can only be in until 12 during the day. So this week I’ve been helping out, trying to smooth over the bumps and provide a service so that nobody notices the cracks and failures. So far so good. The only slight niggle is I’m sure because nobody notices the swan paddling underneath to keep things afloat, everyone just looks over and thinks I’m just sitting here. I’m sure that is not the case but still because I don’t know what the other half of the office are doing I’m sure as hell they don’t know the half of what goes on here either. Time will tell. I just hate having to report every movement back so that the right managers know I just fished them out of another what could have been a catastrophe, or not… we’ll never know.

I was going to try and apply for another job. I’m very sorry to say I was lax and lazy and never got the application finished in time for the deadline. Maybe I didn’t do it for a reason. I think I still like this job too much to let go.

Oh and Scotty and I went out for a celebratory dinner on Saturday night and ate so much bento and sushi we nearly exploded. We went to see my photos up at castle mall and we were very happy with the results so decided to enjoy a saturday night out for once. Well worth doing except we both spend Sunday with what felt like a half migrane half beating. Thank goodness for Wall-E on blue ray, big blankets and a comfortable sofa.

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