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shower time!

March 9, 2009

I forgot to let you know. Otis and Jasper had their first shower of 2009 last weekend. Amazingly they both took it rather well. Jasper kept scratching the doors to get out but did not meow. Otis just sat there like a wet cat in a rain storm with nowhere to hide. They both took it so well we stuffed them full of catnip drops as a present. Queue the flumping round the house at high speed. They both dried out pretty quick too.

This weekend Scotty and I went to see all of my local family. This meant a round trip from Norwich to Sheringham to Briston to Alby and back to Norwich. We stayed over at my brothers house but not before going to see Dad and walking down to Sheringham town with my niece. Then going and meeting my sisters new dog Shumba:

He’s still only just 7.5 weeks old and very small for the big dog he’s going to become. He sat with us very cuddly which was nice all except for the farting. OH GOOD GOD it reeked. Not too dissimilar to the cat litter tray after a fresh landing of matter. Anyway, for a dog, being a cat lover, he’s great and bound to be a lovely addition to the family.

We made it to my brothers house in time for dinner and a few glasses of wine and men hauling the mattress in from the annex in to the main house. We’ve stayed in the annex before and its COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD. At least in the main house we warmed up and got comfy. The next morning we were up early and after a wonderful porridge breakfast and a bit of play with the twins we headed back home.

I looked at the cleaning, looked at what food we had in and said “lets go out for Sunday lunch” Cleaning shelved and a quick trip to the rush-cutters pub restaurant and we had a really tasty Sunday lunch. Once home we collapsed and only managed to get the washing out of the machine and hung up. The rest will have to wait until hell freezes over. I’m having too much fun to clean 🙂 Our cats were happy to see us again and after a warming period of about an hour when they realised we were not going to go out on them again today they cuddled up for the evening too.