March 16, 2009




I finished some socks I forgot to even put up on ravelry. I’m not best pleased with them because they were made from courtelle. I don’t think this yarn is suitable for socks. Still they fit, but meh. Cant even be bothered to tie in the ends at the moment. I also nearly felted my best home made socks to the point where they would not stretch back again. I seriously need to do some hand washing and blocking.

I missed Knit night, I was going to go but within the time of me walking in the house to leaving time Scotty was violently sick. He spent all of Thursday night and Friday up chucking and various other bodily functions going at fast speeds it should not be mentioned in detail on the web. Urgh. Poor fella. I left him to it and went from work to shopping to make sure we had easily digestible items at hand for recovery. You know the stuff. Lots of toast, tomato soup.

Saturday we were meant to go to Wells to a flickr meet. Scotty was not well enough for it. I spent the day researching what project I wanted to knit next. Sunday we managed to get out to the beach at Caister and walked around slowly for about an hour. By this time Scotty said he was feeling a bit rough again so no fish and chips at the seaside. Home we went so I cast on for my very first proper jumper. By the end of Sunday the ribbing all 5 inches of it are almost done and I’m ready to try and read a proper jumper pattern. This is a big leap and I’m sure blogging about it means it may just get ripped out tonight. we’ll see 🙂

Most of the rest of the weekend has been cleaning and tidying and making sure my man has everything he needs to relax. right now he’s still home and exhausted from the beating the bug gave him. Amazingly so far I appear not to have caught it and thank goodness! I don’t think I could clean up after both of us at the same time!

One good thing, the sun is shining and its lovely to see all the buds coming out on the bushes around and about. It means I’m already wearing my sunglasses outside at every opportunity just to make sure I’m not going to be a snotty hay fever mess. Otis and Jasper are also dropping their fur everywhere at the moment which is impossible to keep on top of. I must hoover soon but I just know it will be best done when the cats are in the garden so they cant fur up the house for 5 minutes.

Although Otis and Jasper are lovely as ever, I am deeply upset by them. They ate or at least chewed my best headphones. I keep them safe in my handbag. I think this was Jasper but when I found them both playing with the rubber ear bud  and then found they’d extracted out my headphones from my handbag and chewed through I was not happy at all. They were sennheiser and now will cost £39 to replace…. unless I can find some just as nice, that fit well and that are not pink… cos obviously our guys like pink.

for penance they have been looking after their daddy well.

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