writers block

April 2, 2009

I’ve been full of good ideas but as soon as I sit down to tell you I go blank.

the cats have been let out in to the garden two nights running. They love it out there and enjoy rolling around in the dust and bringing it in to the house. Its reminded me what a complete mess our garden is. I need to tend the wormery and get some more plants in because most of them died completely over the winter. This is the problem with pots only in a shale and paved garden. I’ve got two whole bins of decent soil stored up and when taking a good look at the wormery I found that nearly half of it is the wet juice stuff that comes out of the bottom to feed our plants.

I’ve been knitting. Firstly we had a little Sunday afternoon knit at the play house which was lovely and quiet which turned in to an evening with AM and husband. I really enjoyed their company but I now feel really bad because I managed to make them go and get the takeaway and pay for it, and bring round wine. Damn my poor skills at being a good host. 

I knitted an ipod sock and I intend to make a few more because it turned out lovely. I’m up to the armpits on a jumper but I’ve got to start the sleeves and I’m not sure I like them the same way as the pattern. Then there’s the shawl I’m doing which is driving me crazy trying to add up all the stitches. Its around 350 at the moment and circular. none of the sections are adding up to the same number which means I’ve made mistakes but I cant find them. I can correct it but its going to take a good few hours sit down and working out.

I re-strung the cat tree! YAY and it gets full cat approval. Our boys love a good scratch and it seems to have worked really well. I ended up buying sash cord instead of normal sisal rope. Oddly it worked out cheaper at the local hardware store and looks nice and hopefully will take longer to pull apart than the last lot.

Right I’m just about to go to lunch with Daddy… Then work, I’m busy as usual for now and loving it.

So I suppose this is just a little check in to say all is well as long as I’ve got sunglasses. The hay fever season has started early and I look like I’ve been boxing at night and come out with swollen eyes. Not to mention the cats getting up nice and early and making as much noise as they can.. I really could have done without them waking us regularly last night. Still I can sleep in at the weekend YAY!

Next aim, to take more photos of the things I’ve done. I’m missing not having lots of photo posts up here.

One comment

  1. “I’m up to the armpits on a jumper” – that’s a hilarious phrase! And works in many ways, all of them funny.

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