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May 27, 2009

I completed the shawl I was doing. Well that is not completely true, not strict at all. It needs all the ends weaving in and a good wash and block. I’ve just not got anything big enough to block it on yet. I think I’m going to have to do it on a weekend and shut the cats out of the bedroom and use our bed.

I started a new pair of socks. Rasta socks. Green, red and yellow. I just hope I have enough of the yellow to complete them.

My brother has taken his kids on holiday so it was a smaller than usual family gathering at my sisters this week. I went to see mum and the rhododendrons flowering at Sheringham park. Dad requested a bench a few weeks back and was told it may take months. When I went past the bench was there! I was so super happy to see it I nearly burst in to tears. Then I sat for a moment. As soon as I got up I was going to take a wide angle photo with mums camellias in the background but I couldn’t. The National Trust park was very packed with people and as soon as I got up someone else sat down. Great view though. Very pretty at this time of year.

Life for me right now is all about achievement. I’m looking on the bright side where ever I can. I may not be doing anything special but getting the shopping from the supermarket yesterday is an achievement. Also getting petrol was an achievement and then remembering to put the recycling out a day late was another achievement. Still it has its down sides. I am getting things done but then getting more frustrated when the little things don’t go to plan. Like getting all the recycling outside but the “blue” bin collectors putting the blue bin in front of my green box glass collection so nobody could see it and my green box did not get emptied. Small things. Not worth worrying about but it still gave me time to plan several snotty emails to the council on my walk in to work. Did I do anything about it? No. Am I worried? No not really. Next time I’m throwing the glass out the window at them to catch ;).

I’m also starting something a little new. Daily flickr updates, if I remember that is. I’m a bit fed up with updating 20 odd photos and getting nothing from it because I’ve overloaded all my friends with far too much at once. This place needs the same sort of overhaul. Short sharp one pic at a time, or one small subject for each post. Keep it simple and small and people enjoy it more.

So hopefully catch up soon before I forget all the good things because this is what its all for right?

As a colleague said to me today… YAY dot com. which should just be one big splash of flashing YAY! sadly its some sort of  mad mini advert site.