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a good weekend for doing stuff.

June 16, 2009


A lovely weekend started with a yarn crawl, or a knit crawl.. We went from church yard to cloisters to Franks to pub and to the playhouse. It was a lovely day with lots of knitting and a good time was had by the 5 or 6 that trawled around with us. AM and I got sushi for lunch and cake at Franks. Then a fair dose of pimms in the pubs and we were truly happy.

I did some yarnbombing above which was left in a pub table drawer. I have lots of donated needles and I hope that someone takes up the challenge.

Sunday Scotty and I went for a nice long walk.. well long for us is 3.5 miles. We started at home got to the Gibraltar Gardens and had lunch then wondered through wensum park and home again. Lunch was very tasty salad and we took some photos.

Dasies! we sat in the sun for a bit enjoying a beautiful day.

Through wensum park and we noticed some lovely wildlife. Spot the birdie in this photo. We also saw in a section of about 10 square feet, a moorhen, seagulls, pigeons, seagulls and finally a rat. He was very cute for a rat though and seemed happy by the river.

Finally we got home and after the main heat of the day subsided I potted on the new lettuce that I bought and potted on what other things needed to go in bigger pots. Now I’m super happy with my back garden and I can see everything has a use and I’m going to get a few fruits and veggies out of there this year. I even cooked with the kohlrabi leaves that we’ve grown so far. They went well with cajun spicy beans and new potatoes with fresh chives.

Now if you click on the image it will take you to the flickr page where every single plant is labelled. I’m so happy with this and cant wait for some more things to grow and come out edible.

What a lovely and calm weekend.



June 10, 2009

I love em… well the sleeping sort but the title refers to the knits in progress. *small ripple of applause in anticipation*

OK I need to add photos later I just found I’ve got NONE. oops. EDIT well I took some crappy photos but cant upload at work.


a simple set of two at a time on two circular needles toe up socks. except I’m using 3 colours the grumperina way. these are looking lovely but I’m scared I’m going to run out of yellow. I’m sure they will be fine. These have now been bagsied by my lovely sister in law. I’ve tried to give her lace and unless I can find just the right thing these socks will go well in the huge barn they live in. Cosy and comfy.

2, Baby Blanket

My work colleague and friend Lynsey is currently incubating a new life in herself and is doing well. I am amazed at how organized she is and how she’s got everyone to do something for her, including me which is where the baby blanket comes in. I asked what she would like and the answer came back: natural creams and browns and beige’s please. Oh and cables. Now I think baby blankies should be square. cables, on squares are fine except I’ve got 4 balls of wool and I’ve no idea if they are going to complete a square if I started knitting straight. Then I also HATE sewing knitting together. So, lets get complicated because where’s the fun if its too easy? I’ve started at the center and add two stitches each side of the square to form a triangle Then I inserted a cable right from the center so all 4 sides have a cable coming out from the middle. I’ve not seen anyone else do a blanket like this so hopefully I will be able to write it up as a pattern when I’ve completed it. Then I want to line the back with fleece and if I’m feeling ULTRA ambitious I’d love to pick out the entire cable pattern on the fleece like a quilt. hard work? yers… can I do it… maybe but it may take a fair bit of swearing. we’ll see if I can get the best part of it done before the sprog pops.

3, another bit of lace.

I’ve picked up the pattern for Adammas shawl another freebie! I’ve found out my oldest ball of lace and started knitting. I’ve almost ruined part of this ball but hopefully a good wash once knit up will save all the woes. The biggest challenge now is completing a whole shawl on 3.5mm needles. ACK! I loved doing the spiral shawl but by the end I was on size 6mm needles. EASY PEASY!

anyways these should keep me going for some time to come so hopefully pictures soon.



June 1, 2009

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We went for a walk around whitlingham lake and I took my newly finished pure alpaca spiral shawl from a gathering of lace. There were too many people for me to pose and relax, so the shot could be better but I’m supper happy with my newest knitted item. Makes me just want to start some more lace.

It was washed and blocked and the ends tied in on Saturday. Between a large bout of shopping and a bbq. Sunday we went walking in the most beautiful sunshine. A stunning weekend with positive and beautiful results.