a good weekend for doing stuff.

June 16, 2009


A lovely weekend started with a yarn crawl, or a knit crawl.. We went from church yard to cloisters to Franks to pub and to the playhouse. It was a lovely day with lots of knitting and a good time was had by the 5 or 6 that trawled around with us. AM and I got sushi for lunch and cake at Franks. Then a fair dose of pimms in the pubs and we were truly happy.

I did some yarnbombing above which was left in a pub table drawer. I have lots of donated needles and I hope that someone takes up the challenge.

Sunday Scotty and I went for a nice long walk.. well long for us is 3.5 miles. We started at home got to the Gibraltar Gardens and had lunch then wondered through wensum park and home again. Lunch was very tasty salad and we took some photos.

Dasies! we sat in the sun for a bit enjoying a beautiful day.

Through wensum park and we noticed some lovely wildlife. Spot the birdie in this photo. We also saw in a section of about 10 square feet, a moorhen, seagulls, pigeons, seagulls and finally a rat. He was very cute for a rat though and seemed happy by the river.

Finally we got home and after the main heat of the day subsided I potted on the new lettuce that I bought and potted on what other things needed to go in bigger pots. Now I’m super happy with my back garden and I can see everything has a use and I’m going to get a few fruits and veggies out of there this year. I even cooked with the kohlrabi leaves that we’ve grown so far. They went well with cajun spicy beans and new potatoes with fresh chives.

Now if you click on the image it will take you to the flickr page where every single plant is labelled. I’m so happy with this and cant wait for some more things to grow and come out edible.

What a lovely and calm weekend.

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