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the other bit of our week off

July 22, 2009

Wednesday I relaxed with AM at her place, we did a little knitting and aslo did some deft moving of a rather large Futon up the stairs and in to their spare room. Then brought AM to our house to have a wonder around our garden and play with the kittehs as AM says.  Then a lift to the airport for her so she could go and get a 2nd hand sofa that she had reserved. Her husband was waiting there for us and I felt like some sort of human traffic tender dropping her off in a MacDonald’s car park.

Thursday Scotty and I went back to Wells. I’d not been there in ages. We did the tourist thing and ate fish and chips on the sea front from the one and only French’s. Having worked there as a teen its the only place I get my chips from in Wells. Then after stocking up on Samphire and Cider we drove to my brothers house to stay over the night. We played with the kids whilst dinner was prepared. The Samphire was delicious in butter and balsamic vinegar, all with fresh bread and home made home grown vegetable soup. My brother and his wife make my attempts at growing veg seem like what they are really. Just a couple of pots. They have a kitchen garden area and a greenhouse and plan to have a whole veggie patch in the woods at some point.

I gave Tom and Izzy a bath and got them to bed. Then read them stories, as an aunt its lovely to be able to do these things. Then finally the wine and cider came out and we stayed over for the night in the annex. A very bad nights sleep but made all the better by a home cooked breakfast and two very chirpy 3 yr olds very happy to see us because we stayed over.

Friday. I drove home and spent the whole day in RECOVERY. The current recovery position of choice is the sofa, with blanket and knitting. *aaaaahhhh*

Saturday we went to (Cough norfolk accent) bee and coo (B&Q hardware store for international readers) We spent lots of money on little things we needed like a new velux blind for the bathroom window. A hose for our tiny back garden and a new saw for… and now I completely cant remember why we bought a saw. Anyway, Scotty dealt with fitting the hose to the new garden tap and tested out watering the plants. We can now stand in one corner of the garden and water it all from just the one spot. The sheer hight of laziness but we’re proud we can. Oh and we don’t waste water. I do stand over every pot and only water each pot. I don’t like weeds growing through our white shingle. Then I spent a good 2ish hours in the bathroom fitting the blind. now the screws are small about [——-] this big but the lips on the frame work to fit the window are [————–] this big. The screws are self tapping so even with a magnetic screw driver you have to hold the screw in place to tap it and screw it. This is why I did the blind fitting and not Scotty. Much swearing ensued and many a screw was dropped to the amusement of our cats. Finally I managed to get all the bits in place and stood proud as any DIY is a step further than I usually tread. I love crafts but DIY? *shudder* Its the sweaty hot jobs that mean dirt gets trodden around the house and I end up looking like a builders bum.. or something like that.

Still, because of a couple of hours trying to fit my head through a small roof window and screw screws in to it at the same time and fold my arms in the gaps I was very proud and we now have nice dark mornings in our bed room. I tend to leave the bathroom door open so the cats don’t scratch at it and so if I do need to get up in the night I don’t wake Scotty opening the door, and don’t fall in to it like a semi comatose idiot. The long and short of it is, I’m proud it works. HOORAH!

we bought a couple of films. Harry Potter and I am Legend. Loved them both. I’m rubbish at film reviews.

Then finally Sunday we had lunch at Loch Fyne fish resaurant in Norwich. It was Divine. It brought back holiday memories because I had oysters. They were fresh and lovely. Service was good, food was spectacular and its light and airy in there too. I’m definitely going there again and will all their fish being sustainably sourced I’m very impressed.


a week off.

July 22, 2009

So I had a weeks holiday. Already half way through the first week back at work and I am missing my time to myself, the freedom and the lack of stress.

Anyhew you don’t want to hear what I returned to, I’m sure you’d rather hear the sort of  fun we got up to whilst relaxing.

Saturday was Scotty’s work doo. It was a lovely evening out at Bressingham Steam and Gardens for the whole family. All Scotty’s colleagues and their families were invited. Scotty was semi official photographer and got some great shots of the lovely attractions laid on and the stocks where several staff got a good soaking.

Sunday I went food shopping and we BBQ’d some fishes! Very tasty indeed. We even sat out in our lovely back garden to eat. Bliss.

Monday Dad came over to fit a tap in the garden for watering the plants. We had a great time with Dad performing some magic plumbing voodoo on the downstairs loo and drilling holes through walls that would be an impossibility for scotty or myself. I cooked us veggie burgers for lunch and we showed off our growing vegetables.

Tuesday was probably the best day of the week because we too a trip on the Albion Wherry a 111Yr old Sailing boat designed for the broads. It even spent some time working for Colemans. We departed from Dragon Hall at around 10am and sailed out from Norwich to Surlingham and the Ferryboat pub for lunch. It was very good food their too. On the way back we cracked open the red wine and I spent quite a while at the tiller and holding the main sheet, which was a blast from the past like riding a bike. I forgot how much I really LOVE sailing. Scotty even got on the cranks and lifted the sail twice after going under bridges.

There was one small downer on the trip, and not really a downer as such. I forgot the last time I went to dragon hall was my wedding day, which was great to see the place again, not quite the same but still exciting. Then I was chatting with one of the ladies on the trip that joined us and she said something that sounded just like mum. Then it hit me. I burst in to tears on this woman I’d just met. Scotty was not there because he’d nipped to the loo so I had to explain to her it was the last time I had seen my mum alive. Heart rending at the same time as becoming a bit more closure on loosing mum. Anyway once we’d set sail I knew all was well and we had so much to see, and enjoy the issue was soon a distant memory. One thing I found really cool was passing by the Colemans factory it was smelly but in a good way. That day they were cooking mint sauce and its all that could be smelled for a good 100 meters before and after the factory. Minty, vinegary goodness.

You’ll find pictures here and here of the wherry trip.

the next half of the week is coming in another post.


I missed knitting but instead I cooked homegrown…

July 13, 2009

this was over a week back now but I feel like I need to catch up, whats the point if you cant share the good stuff including:

battered veg
stuffed courgette flower battered.

Our first home grown courgette with stuffed flower. I was so smug over this. It tasted as good as it looked.

Scotty and I went to have sushi for lunch on the Saturday. I snuck in a trip to church! AM was church sitting and cleaning and doing a damn fine job of being a little angel. She let Scotty mount the tower of St Clements and take a few photos.

Then last Sunday we had a day at the car races. I relaxed and did not take any photos. Scotty however gave his camera a good testing.

It was a lovely day with the family except I missed my sister who had to stay home and look after the dog. I got a little sun-kissed even though I slapped on some sun screen and sat in the shade. I am sooooo pale! We picknicked and relaxed and enjoyed some very cool races. They all sounded like giant angry bees.


Things I been up to lately.

July 7, 2009

I had Lunch with Mary last Thursday. Mary made me squee. She’s good like that. It is so nice to catch up with an old friend when she’s moved away. We sat out in the glorious shade, heh, we’re not stupid. Ate Italian pasta at the local zizzi’s and relaxed in to the lunch. The squee was because quite a while back I gave Mary some of my wool stash. Stuff I may have already used bits of, other bits I was never going to get around to using. Anyways Mary did what any good knitter would do. Knitted for a knitter. NOBODY knits for a knitter and I was so super happy to get a new pair *cough* of socks. I cough because the pair was actually 3 socks due to Mary having some random half balls and she used up all the yarn. Now I have 3 lovely socks and I’m super happy.

One thing I’m no so happy about are snails in the garden.

Although this guy is cute and rather blorpular, I’m still at odds with the snails in my garden. He was stashing away in the watering can waiting for me to pour him over my little joyous vegetables. They keep eating my veg before I can! Still he is so cute I had to show him to the cats. (he came out of his shell when I filled the watering can and stayed out for some fresh air.

snailio inglesias meets otis 

Otis was not too sure. The snail was interested in him though. Otis made a fast escape after this encounter. which is odd because he plays the big super confident “I get my way” in the house. The woim or even the cat/snail turned that one round. He’s a big wuss.

Intrepid interspecies snorgling

Now Jasper is the contemplative sort and will trust almost everything you give him. He was having a good ol’ sniff of the snail right here. I sadly missed getting a photo of him licking the poor snailio. Still I do quite enjoy intrepid inter-species snorgling. Sad to say though this snail is probably not with us any more. Some get placed in my wormery to live on rotting veg. Others, if I spot them eating my lettuces get hoofed over the fence to land in a car park.

Next update includes home grown vegetables, as soon as i get the photos off the camera.


Setup my phone

July 7, 2009

Now I know I’ve been a bad blogger. I hope this will help me note down what I’ve been up to.
I need to go two weeks back now to catch up but I think it’s worth doing.
I sneezed on a Tuesday and blew a blood vessel in my eye. Now this is partly why I’ve not blogged because it was all down hill from there. (its healing nicely now EDIT, and its not painful at all)
I made it to work but was coming down with some nasty lurgy. I made it to the spice lounge on Thursday night for a works meal. It was delish and somewhere I want to go back to. But after that I was invited to 2 further work parties in the same weekend. I did not make it. Instead I slept. It was not a head cold but I sure was not right at all.

Anyway spending a weekend sleeping ain’t much to blog about. I did however get in to my back garden and harvest all the new spuds. They were the best spuds we’ve ever had and I’d recommend them to anyone. Grow your own!