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Things I been up to lately.

July 7, 2009

I had Lunch with Mary last Thursday. Mary made me squee. She’s good like that. It is so nice to catch up with an old friend when she’s moved away. We sat out in the glorious shade, heh, we’re not stupid. Ate Italian pasta at the local zizzi’s and relaxed in to the lunch. The squee was because quite a while back I gave Mary some of my wool stash. Stuff I may have already used bits of, other bits I was never going to get around to using. Anyways Mary did what any good knitter would do. Knitted for a knitter. NOBODY knits for a knitter and I was so super happy to get a new pair *cough* of socks. I cough because the pair was actually 3 socks due to Mary having some random half balls and she used up all the yarn. Now I have 3 lovely socks and I’m super happy.

One thing I’m no so happy about are snails in the garden.

Although this guy is cute and rather blorpular, I’m still at odds with the snails in my garden. He was stashing away in the watering can waiting for me to pour him over my little joyous vegetables. They keep eating my veg before I can! Still he is so cute I had to show him to the cats. (he came out of his shell when I filled the watering can and stayed out for some fresh air.

snailio inglesias meets otis 

Otis was not too sure. The snail was interested in him though. Otis made a fast escape after this encounter. which is odd because he plays the big super confident “I get my way” in the house. The woim or even the cat/snail turned that one round. He’s a big wuss.

Intrepid interspecies snorgling

Now Jasper is the contemplative sort and will trust almost everything you give him. He was having a good ol’ sniff of the snail right here. I sadly missed getting a photo of him licking the poor snailio. Still I do quite enjoy intrepid inter-species snorgling. Sad to say though this snail is probably not with us any more. Some get placed in my wormery to live on rotting veg. Others, if I spot them eating my lettuces get hoofed over the fence to land in a car park.

Next update includes home grown vegetables, as soon as i get the photos off the camera.


Setup my phone

July 7, 2009

Now I know I’ve been a bad blogger. I hope this will help me note down what I’ve been up to.
I need to go two weeks back now to catch up but I think it’s worth doing.
I sneezed on a Tuesday and blew a blood vessel in my eye. Now this is partly why I’ve not blogged because it was all down hill from there. (its healing nicely now EDIT, and its not painful at all)
I made it to work but was coming down with some nasty lurgy. I made it to the spice lounge on Thursday night for a works meal. It was delish and somewhere I want to go back to. But after that I was invited to 2 further work parties in the same weekend. I did not make it. Instead I slept. It was not a head cold but I sure was not right at all.

Anyway spending a weekend sleeping ain’t much to blog about. I did however get in to my back garden and harvest all the new spuds. They were the best spuds we’ve ever had and I’d recommend them to anyone. Grow your own!