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July 7, 2009

Now I know I’ve been a bad blogger. I hope this will help me note down what I’ve been up to.
I need to go two weeks back now to catch up but I think it’s worth doing.
I sneezed on a Tuesday and blew a blood vessel in my eye. Now this is partly why I’ve not blogged because it was all down hill from there. (its healing nicely now EDIT, and its not painful at all)
I made it to work but was coming down with some nasty lurgy. I made it to the spice lounge on Thursday night for a works meal. It was delish and somewhere I want to go back to. But after that I was invited to 2 further work parties in the same weekend. I did not make it. Instead I slept. It was not a head cold but I sure was not right at all.

Anyway spending a weekend sleeping ain’t much to blog about. I did however get in to my back garden and harvest all the new spuds. They were the best spuds we’ve ever had and I’d recommend them to anyone. Grow your own!


  1. burst a blood vessel? ouch. Hope tis on the mend now…?

    • yes. just about all gone now, and just in case it ever happens to you. It does not hurt at all. It just wierds you out when looking in the mirror. People stare a lot too.

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