I missed knitting but instead I cooked homegrown…

July 13, 2009

this was over a week back now but I feel like I need to catch up, whats the point if you cant share the good stuff including:

battered veg
stuffed courgette flower battered.

Our first home grown courgette with stuffed flower. I was so smug over this. It tasted as good as it looked.

Scotty and I went to have sushi for lunch on the Saturday. I snuck in a trip to church! AM was church sitting and cleaning and doing a damn fine job of being a little angel. She let Scotty mount the tower of St Clements and take a few photos.

Then last Sunday we had a day at the car races. I relaxed and did not take any photos. Scotty however gave his camera a good testing.

It was a lovely day with the family except I missed my sister who had to stay home and look after the dog. I got a little sun-kissed even though I slapped on some sun screen and sat in the shade. I am sooooo pale! We picknicked and relaxed and enjoyed some very cool races. They all sounded like giant angry bees.

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  1. Great site, I now have you bookmarked to come back again.

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