a week off.

July 22, 2009

So I had a weeks holiday. Already half way through the first week back at work and I am missing my time to myself, the freedom and the lack of stress.

Anyhew you don’t want to hear what I returned to, I’m sure you’d rather hear the sort of  fun we got up to whilst relaxing.

Saturday was Scotty’s work doo. It was a lovely evening out at Bressingham Steam and Gardens for the whole family. All Scotty’s colleagues and their families were invited. Scotty was semi official photographer and got some great shots of the lovely attractions laid on and the stocks where several staff got a good soaking.

Sunday I went food shopping and we BBQ’d some fishes! Very tasty indeed. We even sat out in our lovely back garden to eat. Bliss.

Monday Dad came over to fit a tap in the garden for watering the plants. We had a great time with Dad performing some magic plumbing voodoo on the downstairs loo and drilling holes through walls that would be an impossibility for scotty or myself. I cooked us veggie burgers for lunch and we showed off our growing vegetables.

Tuesday was probably the best day of the week because we too a trip on the Albion Wherry a 111Yr old Sailing boat designed for the broads. It even spent some time working for Colemans. We departed from Dragon Hall at around 10am and sailed out from Norwich to Surlingham and the Ferryboat pub for lunch. It was very good food their too. On the way back we cracked open the red wine and I spent quite a while at the tiller and holding the main sheet, which was a blast from the past like riding a bike. I forgot how much I really LOVE sailing. Scotty even got on the cranks and lifted the sail twice after going under bridges.

There was one small downer on the trip, and not really a downer as such. I forgot the last time I went to dragon hall was my wedding day, which was great to see the place again, not quite the same but still exciting. Then I was chatting with one of the ladies on the trip that joined us and she said something that sounded just like mum. Then it hit me. I burst in to tears on this woman I’d just met. Scotty was not there because he’d nipped to the loo so I had to explain to her it was the last time I had seen my mum alive. Heart rending at the same time as becoming a bit more closure on loosing mum. Anyway once we’d set sail I knew all was well and we had so much to see, and enjoy the issue was soon a distant memory. One thing I found really cool was passing by the Colemans factory it was smelly but in a good way. That day they were cooking mint sauce and its all that could be smelled for a good 100 meters before and after the factory. Minty, vinegary goodness.

You’ll find pictures here and here of the wherry trip.

the next half of the week is coming in another post.

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