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knitting update…

August 10, 2009

The Shawl… its going to be epic. Its going to take MONTHS if not YEARS to complete but it looks lovely and if I just keep plugging away I may just finish it one day.
Adamas shawl
This was an update of the shawl not long after I started it. I’ve lost the other pic somewhere on my macbook at home. Now its over 260 odd stitches and still just about half way through the repeats which also means I’ve only knit about 1/3 of the resulting shawl. Big numbers, small wool. Rod for my own back.

Socks (1)
These are the socks I’ve had an argument with. I’m sure you can see why. 3 colours, 6 balls of wool, two socks and the smallest knit picks needles. Which means trying to start a heel is not going to work until I part these socks and do them separately, or buy longer needles.

Socks (2)
are PINK and for my sister in-law. Another case of the photo being mysteriously missing. Ah well. They’re doing ok but because she’s 2 sizes smaller in the foot I’m scared to increase too much for the heels on these and they’ve sorta sat there in stasis until I can see her again. After only 6 rows of knitting. Meh. Lovely socks though but I do find it hard to make something without measurements at all. My fault next time I’m stealing the kids crayons and drawing around her foot.

baby blanket
started out like this:
baby blanket
and nobody believed that it would be square. Why is it pointy? is it going to be a hat?
It is meant to look like this:
cable cross baby blanket
and finally this when quilted:
baby blanket front
and from the back:
baby blanket back

So, yeah some knitting may fall by the wayside, wait years to be complete but some things are just perfect the way they are. They knit quick and have the inspiration and perpose to be almost completely perfect in a rustic kind of way. One of my friends commented on the front photo making some very salient points about practicality and how its classy enough to be for smart, or even blankie potential and she hit the nail on the head. Just what I intended, not flouncy for a boy, not too lacy but every bit as intricate and lovely as the baby boy that will be wrapped in it. Hoorah! Knitting triumph. Oh and its my own design so I’m tempted… just a little tempted to write it up and sell it. Still that is hard work and I’d have to have people asking for it first.