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what was meant to be

September 2, 2009

time has flown. I knew I was going to have a busy summer a good, relaxing, hot and enjoyable summer.

I made jam with blackberries we hand picked on a bike ride and we even stopped off for lunch at a pub.

The weekend after we cycled 11.6 miles and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves quite an achievement because my bike has been locked in the garage since we moved house nearly 3 years ago. I’ve been trying to ride my bike in to work regularly ever since so that I don’t get “riders arse” as I like to call it.

I’ve been seeing my family regularly and generally just getting on with things. Last week and this I’m spending every other working day in Cambridge to cover holidays. Busy.

Then I made chutney from some drop off plums from my brothers tree, and tamarind. Oh and no smutty jokes about my brothers plums dropping off, this is a site hopefully suitable for my family to read.

Then we had my dad’s birthday and our wedding anniversary, it was bitter sweet. I thought about re-reading and writing the posts I wrote on honeymoon but I still cant bring myself to do that. For our anniversary had a lovely lunch at loch fyne fish restaurant and drank a whole bottle of wine between us over a Sunday lunch time. All it did was make us pass out when we got home!

I also invested in a spinning wheel. I’ve not got to grips with it yet. I love it though and I cant wait to spend some time getting used to spinning a good yarn. Now on top of all this I’ve been leaving the camera behind. Not keeping it all noted down and I’m disappointed a little with myself for this. Its a shame I’ve not recounted ALL the good times for future use. I hope to remedy that.

Then this bank holiday weekend has been chock full too. We both had the Friday off work to visit Southampton and see my in laws. Scotty’s brother and his wife organized a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for his parents. It was fabulous. It just happened to fall on exactly the same night as mum passing last year but I knew she wanted me to go out and enjoy the night. It went very well and was all just meant to be, if you know what I mean.

Then we hung out with the southerly clan on Saturday and came home Sunday. We took the train down there and the train back. Two of the best journeys I’ve had in years. Lots of knitting time and felt refreshed by the time I landed. more than I would have done if  I was driving.

Monday I went to see Dad and with my sister we visited mum’s resting place. It helped me relax a little more and just feel a little better about not being there at the right time. Mum never cared about the right time as long as we made sure we made time.

Then something had to break the good fortune. Sadly last night around 5.30ish my grandmother passed away. Mums Mum. Now I’ve not been that close to her in recent years and yes I can see the sadness but she was suffering and had a longer innings than most. It just makes me miss mum all the more, and means that some of the joy that I was clinging on to has been knocked out of me like bashing a dusty door rug on a wall.

I’m not THAT sad, but just a bit, well, what would you expect. so I thought I’d try and share the good things I missed because we all need to remember the good and bad times. here’s hoping I start to understand the blogging is actually for my benefit to read back on and understand what went on and not just dwell on the small moments that entangle life.