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almost there

September 12, 2009

as in, I’ve had such a busy time with work and home stuff that I’m almost there catching up with myself. Next week will be busy at work but at least its all in Norwich and I can get to grips with my normal local routine.

Lets go back to last weekend to catch up. Saturday We went to my brothers house and delivered birthday presents for my sister and niece. Everyone helped stir some boiling plums on the stove. We were meant to have a bbq but the weather was not so hot so it was all cooked in the oven. we all played with the kids and generally had a lovely time.

Sunday Scotty and I decided to go looking for the ring of puff ball mushrooms out at whittlingham lane. But we went late on Sunday after lots of people had been there all day. Plus they’ve recently imported a ton of sand to make a fake beach on one of the lakes. This and lots of people meant no mushrooms what so ever. I was not going to go home empty handed so I picked a load of elder berries instead. Got them home and ran out of energy to sort them out. I managed to get them cleaned and did jump a few times from the creepy crawlies we brought back. All de-stemmed and then put them in a box in the freezer. Now I need to make either cordial or some boozy concoction with them.

Monday to Wednesday I had 3 days of work in my local office but I had a bit more than 3 days of work to get done. Now I’m not proud of my actions but I did snap at my boss because I really don’t think she fully understands what the pressures are at the moment. We’ve got new systems coming in for us, for the customer and graduates start next week. Then there’s PC replacements, the last two weeks before I completed my review, every other day in Cambridge and then a bit of project work on top of all that. The list goes on. Plus I had a training course in London on Thursday I was sort of dreading.

I should not have dreaded it. It was a nice day out in the end. Traveling is rather tiring but just given the chance to attend a training session meant I had the chance to meet some of my team mates which I have not done for some time. One of them for the first time too. Plus it means we all feel like we now know how to use the new system. After training I went for a late lunch with two of my colleagues and had a glass of wine. My only aim after that was to get home so lots of time on the train.

Train time means knitting time. I managed on Thursday to turn both the heels on a pair of socks for my SiL and half a mitt to go with my Nieces scarf I made her for her birthday. She will hopefully be getting a matching set of mitts and hat for Christmas. Oh and on the train home two people sat next to me discussing magazines. I was not listening in but they mentioned one, which Scotty used to do the web site for in an old job. I mentioned this and they both said “Oh Scotty we know him!” Even better one of them stayed on the train all the way to Norwich and we picked up Scotty at Diss and they had a quick catch up.  Quite a strange moment.

Now finally on to Friday which was grandma’s funeral.

My family offered to drive me there but it would have been a 30 to 40 minute drive to them in the first place. I decided to take the train to Nuneaton from Norwich. YAY! more knitting time. So I packed my bags, put on the black clothes and headed to the midlands. Now I’m sure you don’t want all the details but the service was lovely. The vicar was top class and made everyone feel comfortable and said just the right things. Must admit me, my sister, my  brother and Dad all stuck together and were deeply moved by the service but happy we were there. Definitely my sister and I cried streams for mum which is give or take a day or two, a year since that happened. It felt like more of a closure for me, letting me attend a beautiful funeral where as my mothers was given by a vicar who screamed hell and damnation because he wanted to preach and not give us solace. This was the opposite, heart felt and caring. What I was not aware of was the church we went to used to be an abbey. It was beautiful church and it was lovely to learn my gran had been christened there, married there and now given back there too. The day was beautiful. The hottest day in the midlands they told us. we informed them that Norfolk has had a beautiful summer. It was lovely to catch up with my aunt and cousins. Plus to give my only left living matriarch my dad’s mum a big big hug and let her know we all want to hold on tight to her.

It really brings home how families should stay close because sharing the good and bad makes you whole. Today Scotty and I have no plans and its nice. Tomorrow we’re back to see the family again to finally have a birthday party for my sister and niece.

Ohh on the good sharing things, Dad suggested we don’t spend enough time pampering ourselves so I bought my sister a pamper day for her birthday at Sprowston manor in late October when she’s on holiday. The good thing is I get to go with her for free, or we both go for half price. I’m looking forward to that. I’ve also booked myself in to the knit and stitch show bus trip from knit group. That will be worth looking forward to too.