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Spin spin sugar.

September 26, 2009

I think I forgot to say when I got all excited about a listing on gumtree for a spinning wheel in Norwich.
I got rather excited and had to go and get it right away. I’ve been hiding it since.

I was fortunate to find a slightly dusty but fully working Ashford traditional wheel. Something simple to get started on.
does cat fur spin?

With the wheel I gained 4 potato bags full of fleece, mainly alpaca and one that seems to have had the staple cut far too short. There is also a small 400g bag of corriedale which still needs carding and probably washing again. More fleece than I care to look at but it all came free. Anyways I firstly tested spinning on what I was given and I really was not getting the hang of it. I took some of the fleece to Norfolk Yarn shop for some assistance. They said it all needed to be fully prepped first. Makes sense. Still it’s not something I’m looking forward to doing.
So then I grabbed some of my felting fiber
delecate packaging

and specifically the 100% merino made by YoYo as requested for my wedding flowers. I so did not have time to make as many flowers as I wanted so I’ve got a ton of these prepped batts remaining which are very good indeed for spinning.

wheely wheely good

so I set up my wheel and spun this:

My first full bobin

and another one I forgot to take any photos of. But I fell in love with it and plied it all together and got this

which was skeined
I made yaaaaarn!

and looked like this when finished.
lovely lovely smooshy yarn
I am super happy and now have something very personal to me with which I can make something nice for myself. It looks like rustic mittens will be coming!