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Once upon a time in a palace near london

October 22, 2009

AM and I went a hunting for floof.
linky to AM’s lovely blog
It is not the natural activity of a mid 30 something ladies, as most of the coach was over 60. We got up early and got ready for the long haul bus to London and a stomp around Alexandra Palace to go to the knit and stitch show.

Firstly we got on the coach and picked up a suitable project to see us through to the point of leaving the coach. I decided my mittens are not quite what I wanted and found some cashmere posh yarn in my stash ready to make Scotty a lovely soft scarf for on his bike. So, we knitted and nattered and generally tried to get an idea of what we wanted before we started walking around cooing and oohing and aaahhing smooshing everything within arms reach. Then AM took a photo… I should be banned from having my photo taken if I’ve gotten up before 9am.
So we got there in one piece and I forgot to bring my camera, or forgot to use it. I cant remember which now, but we dived in like two slightly possessed devils enjoying all the fruits of the sheep, alpaca, silk, mohair, and any other fibery animule you can think of. AM does a much better description of what was there.
I agree with her though there were a lot of things missing: carders, spinning wheels, niddy noddies, lazy kates, swifts, fiber in general, Oh and SOCK BLOCKERS. Damn them all to hell for not having a single sock blocker for sale not even a plastic one.

There were wooden and circular needles and a HUGE line in over size needles. The standard needle gauge thingies but I still could not find a needle gauge pendant. Although I did find a lovely clover yarn cutter which has since been on an aeroplane with me. I love the little cutter, it makes me feel like a knitting ninja with my own throwing star.

Oh and yes I bought yarn… only er.. One skein of silk, One of sock. Then 4 bags of 200g Alpaca carded fiber ready to spin in a lovely mixed grey black and white. I cant wait to start on that but I do have to clear out my bobbins first. I spent a good time looking over the Habu stand wanting anything and everything they sold but was slightly disappointed that everything was either in tiny tiny skeins or balls because the gauge was finer than lace weight on all items. I only found one sock weight and it was £50 for 400g which would be a good buy but I didn’t want to part with all that at the time. There were lots and lots of interesting stands but over all I’m glad it was half sewing and not half spinning because I would have completely lost all ability to keep my credit card in my wallet.

Over all an amazing venue with not nearly enough toilets for all the ladies in one go. We had to use the ones at the skating rink side to avoid the queues, but then had the dilemma of when to use our hand sanitizer due to all the doors and the not so sanitary conditions of the ice rink.

There was just so very much to look at. I also did not find any long shade yarn. By that I mean a skein that travels from one colour to another throughout its length and not just change every few rows. A nice gradual change that I think looks very good on shawls or socks. Noro almost does this but not in long enough sections for me.

We were completely pooped and worn out by the time we were all due back at the coach. Everyone looked excited like they had just scored the best bargain in the place but we all know AM and I did that by using it to find items for us to make on our own and not to buy. I’m still very impressed by the large needles her husband has made and cant wait to commission my own from him too. I’ve already got the idea of a giant square poof for our front room.

Anyways, I cant think of anything more from the Ally Pally event now. I’ve got lots more things to update you on instead like Scotty and me going to Edinburgh for our rather late summer holidays. ta ta!


gaming lazing cleaning cooking

October 19, 2009

not entirely in that order. This post is approximately two weeks too late but heh, you’re getting it anyways.

loco roco 2 : I have been addicted since I bought it. I’ve no where near completed it and it is getting to the frustrating point where I cant get to the very last few items but it is most enjoyable rolling little blobs about the place.

Hancock: Not quite what I expected but I did go: “hey she knows something” catching on before it all lets out. Still worth seeing once. I’m very much enjoyning the package we’ve got.

colour of magic: Film version of Terry Pratchett’s first two books. Loved it. could have done with a little more whiz and bang of magic spells but you cant expect wizards to do magic now can we? that would upset the balance of things. Overall very good.

katamari! : Scotty and I both loved Katamari on the playstation portable and were gutted when they did not bring out a ps3 version. They have now and its fab. Still always fun rolling up things and getting bigger.

I made a very nice currif and Scotty made pasta. Not the same meals but the same weekend.

I de-frosted the elderberries previously picked. Then took out the big saucepan and made elderberry cordial. Point 1 its VERY RED, as in it stains but washes out of almost everything. I’m sure it would make a great natural dye if there was some mordent added. The main recipes I followed said to add around 5 cloves per litre of cordial. *YUCK* so instead I did 2 cloves, one star anise, a cinnamon stick, some sliced ginger root and finally a small bit of vanilla which mellows it all out nicely. I managed to make a litre and a half. I love it and will deffo be making it again one day.

Oh and of course we cleaned the house. Probably not worth writing up, but the other bits were.