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October 19, 2009

not entirely in that order. This post is approximately two weeks too late but heh, you’re getting it anyways.

loco roco 2 : I have been addicted since I bought it. I’ve no where near completed it and it is getting to the frustrating point where I cant get to the very last few items but it is most enjoyable rolling little blobs about the place.

Hancock: Not quite what I expected but I did go: “hey she knows something” catching on before it all lets out. Still worth seeing once. I’m very much enjoyning the package we’ve got.

colour of magic: Film version of Terry Pratchett’s first two books. Loved it. could have done with a little more whiz and bang of magic spells but you cant expect wizards to do magic now can we? that would upset the balance of things. Overall very good.

katamari! : Scotty and I both loved Katamari on the playstation portable and were gutted when they did not bring out a ps3 version. They have now and its fab. Still always fun rolling up things and getting bigger.

I made a very nice currif and Scotty made pasta. Not the same meals but the same weekend.

I de-frosted the elderberries previously picked. Then took out the big saucepan and made elderberry cordial. Point 1 its VERY RED, as in it stains but washes out of almost everything. I’m sure it would make a great natural dye if there was some mordent added. The main recipes I followed said to add around 5 cloves per litre of cordial. *YUCK* so instead I did 2 cloves, one star anise, a cinnamon stick, some sliced ginger root and finally a small bit of vanilla which mellows it all out nicely. I managed to make a litre and a half. I love it and will deffo be making it again one day.

Oh and of course we cleaned the house. Probably not worth writing up, but the other bits were.