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I was gonna

November 12, 2009

do this post justice but AM did it for me…

 because I went crafting at her house for the evening when our friend’s birthday curry was cancelled. In her lovely post you can see I span some of the alpaca, which I dont have any photos of at the moment. Oh and I’m not so perfect as she says, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Anyways I’ve got other things to write-up now, so go and visit my lovely friend and her very expressive and funny blog.


making use of lost time.

November 12, 2009

still catching up on blog posts I should have done in the last month or so. Nearly there though so bear with me.


Sorry. That was my best bear impression.

So, I had a visit to my brother’s house and Scotty did not come with because he was feeling the cold after I had it. It was the weekend of the clocks going back so we all gained an extra hour. I brought a pumpkin over to carve for the kids. It was a stunning day so first we went out to pick sloes and enjoy the nice but slightly cold autumnal day. We saw a barn owl swooping through the field we walked through moments before. The twins were great and held the tubs nice and tight and picked leaves out whilst we filled them with Sloes. Then when we got back I carved a ghostie in to my pumpkin and my brother attacked a blue squash which was very hard indeed and managed to carve a really good face in it. They were both set up outside on the patio and had little nightlight candles in them that we could see from the dining room window. My brother has taken photos but he’s not sent them to me yet. The whole evening was topped off with reading Dr Seuss Fox in Socks to Izzy. Them words completely made my tongue tingle!

So after a thoroughly beautiful day I got in to the car, cranked up classic FM (yeah, my car just kind of suits classical. Wierd but the Honda civic just does not sound right with most other music) and started to pull out of my brothers driveway, fully relaxed and happy. Lights on, because it’s in the deep countryside with no street lights. Just as I pull out of the drive a dog runs past me. OK slightly worrying, I stop the car turn off the engine and another dog zips past the car. At this point I’m a little worried and wind down the window to check there are no other mad creatures dashing about in the dark. Except I didn’t wind the window down fully. Then tried to stick my head out of the window. OH dear. My nose had a bruise for two weeks and I still have a little scar on the bridge and I swear I must have broken it on the sharp(ish) edge of the window. Made me just a little bit dizzy and confused. I drove on slowly, lights back on. Then saw the neighbour who thanked me for watching out for his dogs. I did not stop or say anything, just waved.

The good thing with all this is I did have Monday as holiday. I planned to go with my lovely big sister to Sprowston Manor for a spa day with massage. Except on Sunday she did not turn up for the family get together and when calling her I could hear exactly why. She had a nasty case of fluey cold and she was no way in any fit state to “pamper” herself at a spa. Except when I found out it was Sunday night and there was no way I was going back to work on the Monday to re-arrange my holiday. So instead I had one of those very rare treats indeed, a whole day to myself.

The only issue was I was hiding two rather bruised eyes near the nose area and hid indoors all day, but I did make full use of my time off. I made curtains. Firstly I took down the blind in the bedroom because it was starting to fray at the edges. I then tried to fit the curtain rail we bought a while back and amazingly it fitted JUST RIGHT including using the old screws and raw plug holes that were there for the bar that held up the blind. Hoorah no.1 🙂

Then I pootled on down to my crafting room. I just LOVE having a crafting room. Set up the sewing machine and completed a pair of curtains I started some time back. I did it all back to front as usual. Because I found an old sheet that had already been used as curtain lining before in mums massive stash of fabric, I also found some lovely plain curtain fabric too and just the right amount, even the right width too. Because the lining was already hemmed I seamed the hem level in to the curtains and left the top of the curtains till last. I also found in the bountiful stash that mum left me, just enough curtain tape for gathering the curtains properly. One quick measure and a few more lines of straight sewing and they were done. I then found one of the other things mum gave me at my last house, a small packet of curtain hooks. It was all there every single bit I needed under my nose, exactly the right number of hooks that matched the rail we bought months back. That day sewing she was completely with me, watching over my shoulder. Still nagging a little as I chose to do it my way instead of hers but thoroughly with me when I got it right. Now I go to bed every night, and just before climbing in I draw the curtains that I made, that mum tought me how to make and all those years watching her bent over the sewing machine has rubbed off. It reminded me that I am still very much a part of her, let alone her being a part of me. I’m proud to have picked up even an ounce of her skills.

Apart from that I spent the rest of the day spinning the very beautiful grey black and white marled alpaca floof that AM and I got at the knit and stitch show. I nearly did half a bag, approx 100G but not enough to ply. Still a very highly achieved day over all and the smugness still abounds me now, months later!



tired tyred and slightly teary.

November 10, 2009

The joy of picking up our cats was sadly not as lovely as it should have been. I caught a cold on the way back from Edinburgh on the plane. I was suffering and not feeling at my best. We went and got our little darlings and huddled up as soon as possible but not before someone stopped our car and said “did you know you had a flat tyre?”

I’m sorry to say my reply very candidly was “Oh shit no!”  We pulled around the next corner and whilst I was huddled in the car trying to stave off a case of the shakes, Scotty did the manly thing and started hunting around the boot of the car. Scotty: “does this car have a spare?” me: “no, there should be some sort of kit in the back there to keep us going” followed by lots of rummaging, “oohh a can of emergency tyre repair” me: “eh? whats that?” him: “Oh it just re-inflates the tyre and fills it full of foam to keep you going” me: ” how come you know all this and you don’t drive?” with no reply but I suppose it’s because he’s had enough flats on his bicycle, he knows. There was also a compressor and cables and things so after re-inflating said tyre with the compressor plugged in to the lighter thingy, the can of gunk was not needed. we got home, the tyre was still up so we didn’t bother sorting it straight away.

Then I realised it was Sunday and I had a day trip to Cambridge on Monday or Tuesday for work. Plus we were out of food cos we’d just been on holiday. I much-needed visit to kwikfit was in order, cos I know where it is and its close enough to a supermarket. I dropped off the car and got it confirmed. I knew I was due two new tyres because of wear. These were the two front tyres. The back passenger side (uk style) was the one with a dirty great nail in it also requiring a replacement. Because I pay for this car on HP and did replace it every 3 years or so, and only had this one 2 years I thought to save later I must get like for like tyres. Queue 3 Bridgestones later and a lovely bill of £340. OUCH. I left the car and staggered still slightly cold woozy to the Morrisons on the inner ring road. Did my shopping, deposited the shopping in one of those trolly lock things and went and got the car. Paid up, then went and got the shopping to get that in to the car and go home. By then I was almost fit to cry, and said so when I got in. Luckily Scotty is lovely and does listen when I moan and promptly cooked up a top class Sunday roast dinner.



November 9, 2009

So after the Friday at the knit and stitch show we saw the family on Saturday whilst delivering kitties to their holiday destination of choice Country cats of Briston. It was a brief trip but lovely.

Sunday late we flew from Norwich to Edinburgh, jumped on a bus and wheeled our shared suitcase round to the posh hotel. Arriving after 10 ish we settled in to the big 42 inch telly, the king size bed and relaxed ready to see the sights the next day.

Monday was lovely. The weather was great and we started out very early and took a long walk down princes street. One minor issue is the entire upheaval of princes street to install a tram system. Still we found Pret, one of my favorite places to eat and got ourselves some breakfast underneath the view of the castle.

Edinburgh Castle

We walked and walked, all around the back of the castle and up to the castle and as we had tweeted where we were a friend contacted us and said meet up for lunch. We realized it was too late to start a tour of the castle if we were going to meet our friend. So instead we walked back down to the park and grabbed a cup of tea in the national gallery. Met up with CA and went to fishers for lunch. Their Fresh fish is divine. After a lovely lunch we went back for a nap and out to veggie restaurant for dinner David Bann’s.

Tuesday we stomped up to the castle nice and early to take the tour. Got to see the Scottish crown jewels and lots of cool castley stuff. We stayed for lunch and listened to the gun fire at 1pm, and watched the Nelson monument ball drop which entertained me more than the gun. After walking around for hours we headed back to the hotel for a  swim sauna and steam. We had the pool to ourselves so it was rather nice indeed.  The evening was filled with the cinema where we went to watch UP in 3D. I loved it, its well worth seeing and I’d go and see it again, but I think I’ll just buy it on Blue Ray.

After the movie the weather outside turned a bit nasty so we hunkered down in the hotel bar which had a good chill out area a few cocktails were quaffed (MOHIITOOO!) and we retired to our chambers.

Wednesday we were already tired out. So to take it easy we headed to the Edinburgh bus tour.The explanations via the audio were great and quite entertaining. Scotty chose not to listen but to take photos, so I kept updating him with little potted items that probably didn’t make much garbled sense cos I was still trying to listen. After a good route around the city avoiding princes street we got back to the beginning and stopped in town for a pizza lunch and some shopping. I managed to get a new pair of trousers, a new dress for work and a shirt for work too. HOORAH! I’m not the best at clothes shopping and need female company usually to get it right.

Thursday we visited what I like to call folly central. Calton hill. It was quite a steep climb but well worth looking around the monuments.

Edinburgh National Monument

Enjoying a cracking view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Next on the must see list was the National Gallery of Scotland. Beautiful art in a great building. I’m sure we didn’t see it all but we enjoyed what we did see. A quick trip to the shop was in order to buy haggis for the family. A bus ride back to the airport and our short trip to Edinburgh was over.

Lovely. Oh and one last thing: Scotty’s panorama from the castle in LARGE. watch out its very big indeed.