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tired tyred and slightly teary.

November 10, 2009

The joy of picking up our cats was sadly not as lovely as it should have been. I caught a cold on the way back from Edinburgh on the plane. I was suffering and not feeling at my best. We went and got our little darlings and huddled up as soon as possible but not before someone stopped our car and said “did you know you had a flat tyre?”

I’m sorry to say my reply very candidly was “Oh shit no!”  We pulled around the next corner and whilst I was huddled in the car trying to stave off a case of the shakes, Scotty did the manly thing and started hunting around the boot of the car. Scotty: “does this car have a spare?” me: “no, there should be some sort of kit in the back there to keep us going” followed by lots of rummaging, “oohh a can of emergency tyre repair” me: “eh? whats that?” him: “Oh it just re-inflates the tyre and fills it full of foam to keep you going” me: ” how come you know all this and you don’t drive?” with no reply but I suppose it’s because he’s had enough flats on his bicycle, he knows. There was also a compressor and cables and things so after re-inflating said tyre with the compressor plugged in to the lighter thingy, the can of gunk was not needed. we got home, the tyre was still up so we didn’t bother sorting it straight away.

Then I realised it was Sunday and I had a day trip to Cambridge on Monday or Tuesday for work. Plus we were out of food cos we’d just been on holiday. I much-needed visit to kwikfit was in order, cos I know where it is and its close enough to a supermarket. I dropped off the car and got it confirmed. I knew I was due two new tyres because of wear. These were the two front tyres. The back passenger side (uk style) was the one with a dirty great nail in it also requiring a replacement. Because I pay for this car on HP and did replace it every 3 years or so, and only had this one 2 years I thought to save later I must get like for like tyres. Queue 3 Bridgestones later and a lovely bill of £340. OUCH. I left the car and staggered still slightly cold woozy to the Morrisons on the inner ring road. Did my shopping, deposited the shopping in one of those trolly lock things and went and got the car. Paid up, then went and got the shopping to get that in to the car and go home. By then I was almost fit to cry, and said so when I got in. Luckily Scotty is lovely and does listen when I moan and promptly cooked up a top class Sunday roast dinner.