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December 3, 2009


I made a gear stick cosy for a colleague in another office. I’ve only got one photo and I’m waiting for him to “try it on” his car. He asked for a “condom” shape, and yes folks that is what he got, which is why you’re not seeing the one picture I have got. Instead if you have access to Ravelry for knitting its in there!

I made myself another iphone cosy cos my last one needed washing. It’s in Koigu and lovely and pink.

I made Scotty a scarf a K5 P5 staggered rib that gave the fabric a nice wave of pattern throughout. It’s in pure cashmere and works lovely for him on his bike of a morning. The only issue is if he hasn’t shaved it sticks to his stubble.
stagger rib scarf

As you can see I took a very rubbish photo with my iphone, but still better than nothing and he loves it. Made with Posh yarn. That yarn is truly covetable.

I finished the triangular lace shawl in the ADAMAS pattern. The issue with this is I’m saving it for my sister for Christmas so no photos cos I want to take photos of her wearing it.

I’ve started on the mittens to match the neck warmer I made for my niece, also no photos here because these will be a christmas present. So far so good.

I did get some photos of the finished pink socks I gave to my sister in-law. Except I took the photos on my Brother inalws’ camera and I’m yet to get them back to me. Same with some lovely photos for Halloween of some pumpkins we carved with my brother. They are still on his camera. I’m not doing too well here am I.

I made some Chilli oil. Sadly this failed with a big F. I chopped chillies in half and sunk them in a mix of olive and grape seed oil. A whole liter of it too. Sadly one of the chilli’s decided to float and broke surface and began the molding process. I hid the bottle in the cupboard for a couple of weeks and returning to look at it was rather unsavoury. We emptied the oil outside down the drain, then had to wait for the chilis to decompose some more before we could remove them. A touch of bleach and another day waiting and I’ve emptied it whilst gagging at the bleach mold oil chilli mixture.  I still want to make some nice things for extra gifts but chilli oil for now is NOT on the menu.

Sloe Gin is looking good. This seems to have worked fine. We’ve only got a 70Cl bottle of Plymouth gin but with the extra sugar and sloes it may come out at a bit more. We keep giving it an agitation and I can’t wait to try it.

I did manage to do a little bit of spinning but having a whole break over christmas I’ve got a feeling computer games, movies, spinning and knitting are almost all I want to do. I just can’t wait.