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doing it large

January 14, 2010

As the lovely AM and her very crafty husband A made me some giant knitting needles for christmas I thought I’d go for a stash rummage and see what I could conjure up. My thinking hat went on and I dug deep and went to the several jumpers’ worth of acrylic inherited from mother. Mainly 400g balls of the sort of stuff that would be fine for making kids clothes and that is what mum mainly did with it. I’ve not really done kids clothes. I don’t really want to either. What I wanted was a solution to my very snowy boots leaving large lumps of melting detritus in my hallway. We have laminate on the floor and it is ruining it. Not to speak of what Scotty’s bike is doing to it. I think I’ll solve that one with some cardboard.

Anyhew after spending some time playing with the needles over christmas I had an idea of what was coming. Some of the wool was already balled after being frogged some time back. I got out the ball winder and started splitting some of the larger balls. 11 balls later and I was getting somewhere. I did start a jumper some time back and I don’t want it now. The yarn was an aran weight and added in nicely. At 14 separate yarns hauled together I had my wool. These have been placed in several plastic bags so that they roll out evenly. They only get tangled up when they’ve splayed out of shape.

After a bit of huffing and puffing. The knitting on these needles is what I would consider a full upper body workout. We have a rug in progress. I want to make it longer but it all depends how heavy and impossible it gets to turn each row. For the moment it is about the very best thing to be knitting because its like wearing a hefty double thick blanket over your knees. The only major issue is trying not to knock anything over or smash Scotty over the head whilst I’m maneuvering the needles. Oh and I think I nearly put my back out so I’ve had 3 days not knitting to try and relax before trying some more.

rug with flash

Now for the extra little challenge I’d love to take it to knit night for giggles. I’m sure it will raise several eyebrows, not so much with the regulars but those passing by the forum. This is how I get my kicks, I like the extravagance at the same time as the frugal practicality. You would not believe how much it confuses people.