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The anticipation

February 10, 2010

well, I feel like I’m letting the side down with not updating. Although I’m not promising anything regular at the moment I thought I should at least let you know I’ve had a birthday.

I even booked the Friday off work to laze about when my birthday was on a Saturday. Thing is, right up to it I was super happy and really excited and ready for one of the best birthdays of my life because last year was a complete write off and I was signed off work for a week by the doctor with a minor bout of depression.

The anticipation is almost always better than the actual thing. I woke up on the Thursday and sort of plodded through the day. I had a cold and knew it felt like it was going to get worse. Friday, yes it was worse. Got a bit of cleaning and tidying done. Went for a well earned massage at my local beauty parlour which was completely sublime. Best ever, if you live in Norwich let me know and I’ll pass on her details. My Masseuse said she could work on my back for hours. Eh, sort of a compliment but meant that my back is a very big mess, which I’m thoroughly aware of believe me.

So, yeah Saturday came, got up, nearly gave up and fell back to sleep on the sofa, eventually pulled myself together and went out for a stunning lunch at Shiki Sushi with the family. I must admit this was the best thing in the world and made me very happy, no matter how fluey I felt it was lovely to see everyone and even see my nieces and nephews eat everything put in front of them.

I got everything I asked for, I am very lucky my family are generous. A cutting board and rotary cutter, slippers and scales for cooking. Sadly the scales were broken but I took them back to my brother for him to source new ones. Slippers fit perfectly, and I’ve not tried the cutter yet. Got a nice bottle of red wine and some of dad’s finest last years Sloe Gin.

So far so good. I went home not long after and spent the rest of my birthday finishing off my own pair of socks.
Hoorah Los sockos finitos. Looking rather dashing on my sock ... on Twitpic
looking very lovely on my christmas sock blockers.

Scotty did get me something but it didn’t turn up until last night. I’ve since been wearing it almost constantly.
bought from Etsy shop here I love both the hair fork and the shawl pin he got me.

I just wish I didn’t have a subdued only half as exciting birthday as I wanted. I was very very happy but you can only be so happy with a stinky cold. wah.
Good job I spent Sunday lazing and knitting too!