the forks what? Oh now that is not good.

February 11, 2010

Scotty came home last week and parked his bike in the hall way as usual.
Thing is the next morning, things were not right. He dumped his bike and walked to work because of this:

appalling photos at the moment cos I really cannot be bothered to sort out the big camera when its still dark most of the day. Still after finding the forks sheared through, not even on a weld line, I took scotty back to Halfords that evening where he purchased the bike. It was around 15 days out of warranty. Luckily because its a chris bordman bike they were super helpful and agreed to replace like for like under the warranty. Then we stood there and asked if we could hire a bike from them because this is the only way Scotty gets to work. Stuart the very helpful assistant wheeled out a mountain bike and said “sorry its nothing special, will this do whilst your bike is being repaired?” Over joyed, we said yes, any old wheels will be fine, and he let us borrow the bike for free for the duration of the fix. Hoorah! GREAT service, GREAT staff, and Halfords Norwich get our best personal service of the year award so far.

Oh and I finished the rug:


Not quite as big as I wanted but it is lovely and warm under foot whilst getting our snowy boots on and orf.  New things on the needles are a silk drop stitch scarf with the silk which was dyed with natural indigo bought from Alexandra Palace. Think Clapotis with a pattern in non dropped columns: elan pattern here. Oh and a mitten which I’m having to do one at a time for a work colleague. The request was manly but bright colours.
This and lasagna were yesterdays achievements. We will not di... on Twitpic

And I think I’m fully up to date with most of the exciting things… I’m still rather disappointed the snow keeps turning to sheet ice and I’ve not been able to make a snow creature of any form this winter. Still looks like with more snow coming I may still get my chance.


  1. brilliant rug!

    And how wonderful of Halfords to actually deliver on all those customer service promises. You should write to the head office. 🙂

  2. My lord! Halfords have come up trumps for once! My first bike from them, well lets say Huw had to fix it before I even used it! My second was no better, but all aligned after a purchase of a bike spanner and wot not. I’ve been getting back into cycling, and must say a well maintained bike really helps ;o)

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