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the things one can’t talk about and the things one can.

March 29, 2010

Some few points I’ve been meaning to deal with properly have been swept under the carpet.

It leaves me wanting to say things that I should not, and over all in most cases it’s not my place to say anything at all. Like my sister. She’s fabulous and wonderful and I love her dearly but when she had a “health scare” around christmas and an “all clear” around my birthday I wanted to cry with joy and tell you all but it was not my place to discuss any of it. No matter how much it hurt or the joy at the end finding out she is alright. It was like going through mum’s issue all over again but not the same because its my sister and her private stuff. Which is why when we had our pamper day together it was THE bestest day ever and got us close again like I would like to be more often. Being a full-time mum and wife and full-time worker and now having a 50Kg puppy (7 stone 12 Oz) my sister is not just amazing but busy, so getting her away from that and treating her to a day out was very special. I still can’t believe she’d not been in a sauna or had a massage before that.

So on to other things that I’ve not been talking about: Dad

He’s well, and he’s been traveling on and off since autumn last year. Now with 2 trips to Lanzarotte and 2 to Germany under his belt, he’s not stuck indoors. The decorating may be taking longer than expected to finish but he’s got the rest of his life to finish that. Plus who wants to watch paint dry all winter. I’m super proud of him for getting out there and “having a life” as they call it.

Dad has met someone with a similar life situation and has been spending some time traveling to see them and still making sure he’s keeping all us kids happy. We’ve not met her yet but we know that she has his best interests at heart as much has he does hers. I think he still thinks we’re taking this far too well and we’ll all scream and cry when we meet his mystery friend but from what I hear it’s a friendship worth having because what is life without some people to share it with? Plus all us kids are grown up now with partners and houses and lives of our own. We are about making our own choices and so is Dad. Anyway, it’s all part of an ongoing saga between countries that you really could not make up with all sorts of life spanners thrown at them right now. I do know that friendship and support is all they both want and best of luck to them both. I’d rather do what they have done than be completely alone with nobody to talk to. Dad did joke about writing a blog or something like it because of his exciting adventures he’s been having. Still I think it’s a little step too far for a very private man. One last thing he did tell me is that he’s getting out there because no matter what he does now it will never ever hurt as much as what he’s already been through. I agree entirely, enjoy, love, laugh, share because you can. So you’ll not hear much on what he’s up to unless I get the all clear to publish. Yet again not my bee’s wax (business)

Now on to something I can talk about and I forgot to get covered in the last post. The holiday post was nice and positive but before going I had to get the cats to the cattery. It nigh on broke my heart to do it though. I love our cattery, I love our cats and normally have no problems but recently Jasper has taken to being very very upset when transported. He pants, he howls and sits with his mouth open. Very highly stressed. The cattery is 20 miles from our house on back roads which means around 30 minutes in the car. Far too long for poor Jasper. Firstly he got upset then Otis got upset with him and started biting Jaspers neck to shut him up. Then when he didn’t calm down Otis started howling too. Not a comfortable journey. I told the lovely cattery owner what went on and she was great. I got a text message on holiday saying that the boys were calm and happy and were “assisting” in her cleaning. Also she contacted her vet and had the boys looked over, then contacted my vet to double-check there would not be any complications with giving any calming tablets. She then sourced the tablets and gave them to us for free. Also Scotty was in the car on the way back to keep the cats company which also helped but definitely on the way back Jaspers heart was not in it for complaining. He tried but he did not have the panting or the panic in him. Once home both Otis and Jasper flopped out on their backs on the lounge floor as if they were spaced out of their brains but happy. Lots of cuddles and love and they were both almost drooling in happiness.

Which reminds me O&J are both due their annual vets checkup and immunizations. I’m really not looking forward to that car trip, although its only 15 minutes at most, I can’t medicate them on a vets visit!