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Laminaria how I love thee.

May 11, 2010

Yeah, I know I have a ton of projects on the go. BUT I had a moment, one of those moments where I saw wool, saw pattern and they wanted to make love. I used up 1 of these 3 balls and about 10 yards of the next ball but Laminaria was the way it was meant to be.

lace weight

It took me exactly two weeks and 3 days to complete, wash and block the shawl. I was wearing it the very next day. I meant to blog about this for some time but I was too busy being REALLY smug about what I achieved.

Laminaria finito!

A quick trip out in to our back yard and I tried to snap a few photos of myself.



Pattern notes: I mussed up one of the sssk type things and did a different stitch. I don’t think it detracts, I did the same stitch throughout so it looks like there are no mistakes. I’ve already had several people tell me they love it and it’s not meant to be kept by me. Even my lovely big sister said she wants one EXACTLY the same. This is one of the few knits I’d love to knit again. The make 9 from 3 stitch appears to be a bind but at least you don’t have to knit more than 3 together in to one stitch. Now I get to wear my entirely blue collection of clothes with a lovely hand knit too! I am SO smitten.