what can you do? and animals.

May 12, 2010

hair is being used to suck up the oil spill in the gulf of mexico.

Now this may seem like telling you stuff you already know, but I have asked for all the sheep from brays cottage to have their fleeces donated, except Marcus. I am truly aware of that amount of fleece would be too much work for me. I can’t do much, I could do with a hair cut but I love my hair long and can’t bear to part with it. I just hope we can do something to help. I’ll be discussing how to get those fleeces there with the owners as soon as I can.

On to our lovely fluff balls, I would save the fluff from them but they’re too busy spreading it about my house and garden. I’ve had to pull our new rug out of the hall way because Otis decided it was more comfortable to poo and wipe on the rug than use the litter tray.

Otis sitting on the garden table.


“Take the camera out of my face Lady or I make with the rug decoration”

Jasper guarding the fresh grass. Jasper has his moments too, his worst habit is using one of our speakers in the lounge as a scratching post. He gets squirted with water for that trick.
Admiral Jasper

“Moi? Je suis innocent! just look in to my eyes!”

These were both taken with the wide-angle lens which Scotty was so good to buy just before upgrading his camera to a lovely cannon with full sensor. Which meant this lens was not really much use. I adore this wide-angle lens and what it does to animals. So much in fact not only did I get pictures of our cats and my sisters dog, Scotty and I went to the Country game and farm show at the Norfolk showground.

1 wide angle lens, lots of animals

As you can see dogs were entirely welcome. Plus there was sheep shearing, wonky donkeys and some very lovely alpaca which I cooed over and stroked.

After that show day we went to my sisters and help her re-arrange her kitchen to have new flooring installed. It coincided with my nephews 13th birthday and my brother in laws birthday too. Of course my now teenager nephew was glued to his new gaming computer but was super happy when we didn’t get him a present but left money in his card so he can get new games.

Last weekend we went over my brother’s house to help him move. He’s having a “grand designs style” complete make over of his house. He’s moved in to a 2 bed bungalow in the village close to the house whilst his is ripped apart and re-constructed. He’s mad I tells you, but clever too. It will be well worth it. After moving around a lot of stuff we gave in and came home to rest. I’m glad I’m not moving or re-doing anything major in our house.

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  1. Nice animal mosaïc. I dig the alpaca!

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