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July 27, 2010

Our Norwich office that I work in has been undergoing a rather large refurbishment. I’ve kept quiet about it because frankly it’s absolutely none of the blogs business. Still there has been a side line that is something I must note down for my own satisfaction and to prove that I am loved and appreciated.

I do know that I am loved and appreciated but sometimes it takes just a little more than just knowing it to be truly smug and happy that I’ve achieved something. During the topsy-turvy stage of it all the designer came in and asked if there was anyone who could do some photos to be put up in the reception area. I of course volunteered like an eager crocodile about to snap someones arm off. Scotty and I went out walking one Saturday and failed due to bad lighting but the next day we went back out and got some decent shots. I took a range of photos, mostly just architecture, processed them and placed them in for viewing by the “management”.
I have since heard back that yes they want 4 of my photos!

I just cant wait to see what they look like in A1 framed format hung on the walls. All rather exciting, and not expected at all.