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and the silence is lifted.

September 20, 2010


Now I’ve completed the office image project I can come up from the vicious cycle of taking photos, trying out photos, being denied, and going out to take more photos again. We did try for broads pictures but they were not to be. Between me and my lovely husband we now have 11 images gracing the walls of the PWC Norwich office. 4 in reception, 7 in the meeting rooms. If you ever find yourself near the office, send me a note and I’ll give you a guided tour. I’m rather pleased with them all. There is only 1 shot that is not my favourite. I may not have been physically paid for this, but I did get a whole set of copies of the images when they printed the wrong size. at £18 per print A1 size and all 11 of them, I think it works out quite fair.

Now this one, Cow Tower is my absolute favourite because this is very close to where the lovely Scotty proposed to me. Aw… Click on the image to show some of the other items in the office. Not quite all of them but enough to give you the idea of what I was up to for so long.

On to the subject of knitting.

Last weekend (not the one just gone, the one before) we went over my sisters for her birthday, her daughter’s birthday and my sister’s wedding anniversary. If you’re going to celebrate it may as well be several items at once. It makes for a much more fun event. I finished their projects and handed them over. The lovely ‘B’ played model for me.

B loved her Dragon Wings. So named because she’s really in to her dragony things right now. I love the flame colours too, partly due to a mistake in re-skeining done by the Kauni suppliers a knot made this rainbow run back through the same colours before moving on.

Still just right for a little wii playing.

Then B kindly tried on her mums’ beaded shawl. A re-design of Annis from Knitty plus some yarn I’ve lost the ball band from but I know I bought it at Alexandra Palace last year. My sister truly loved it and said she needs to go out now, somewhere special to wear it.

I also got the chance to catch up on some other items I forgot to photograph properly before:

B’s Mitts and my sisters Addamas Shawl. Now my ravelry is completely up to date with as many images as I can find of all finished objects.

I finished a man size pair of socks last night for my friend Andy who played drums at our wedding. Its only taken me 2 years to do them. HA! I’m no fast knitter but these were mind bending. I’ll do them on another post.

Over all we’re well. We had an office summer ball on Friday night and everyone was suited or gowned to perfection. Took my camera there too, but you wont be seeing them photos cos we want to sell them to the people we took pictures of so we can make some more money for charity.

I know I’ve missed a lot for the past few months a few bullets may suffice:

– we’ve picked a metric ton of elderberries which are stored in the freezer, along with some sloes, some sour cherries and finally some black currants too. All frozen and ready to be made in to something stunning.

– Made elderberry cordial again, we have made 2l and stored the rest of the berries to make more this winter. I do believe its a real cold killer. Get out there quick if you want berries, they seem to be finishing now. I found Whittlingham lane to be HEAVING with them.

– won the raffle at the ball, we got £20 of cinema city vouchers. Woohoo! Got to wait until there’s something we really want to see.

– Bought a new bit for my spinning wheel. I now have a jumbo flyer… which means I should be able to spin FAT wool. I finished off the last of the silk merino mix spinning yesterday so I could dismantle and rebuild my wheel. Now it looks a bit Frankenstein due to some being varnished and some not. I’m tempted to take it all apart and sand it all back, but that will be a very big job. I just want to spin with it NOW.

– ok I’m bored now and can’t remember all the great things. Still just happy to be well, loved and working.

Oh Otis says Meowrl, Jasper says Meeew. Both little furry hell bringers, one using the front doormat as a fresh litter tray and the other making chew toys out of all the finest apple cables he can find. I despair, but then look at them and melt. Aw. little buggers.