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November 15, 2010

er… no excuses, no reasons. I just got tired of blogging. I’m hoping the urge has returned.
This weekend was lazy but I have started knitting a new hat for my dad’s friend Beate. (said like “bee arr tar” and I remember by thinking of Bea Arthur). This will hopefully be her christmas present. I’ve not tackled stranded colour knitting before but the pattern is Selbu Moderne, look it up, its fab.

I’m also back to shake my fist at the jumper/sweater knitting curse. I’m going to beat you. You’re not the lord of me and never will be. I’m attempting the 2nd jumper with the same wool, my last attempts got to the armpit and failed due to the knitting pattern (garland v-neck pullover) being less than correctly descriptive in size conversion.
Now I’m attempting Corona again but in a size that will hopefully fit and in nice wool instead of cheap nasty stuff. Shame the Araucania Nature Wool Solids bright blue shades are leaking on to my fingers. If you can get on ravelry (login only) You’ll see from my frogging pool I’ve made 5 attempts at completing a jumper type thing for myself, all failures. I want to prove that I can beat this.

The cats got a new cat tree, courtesy of me sending off my old mobile for Argos vouchers. They approve of the new facilities. I’m trying to amass a small arsenal of cat videos taken on either my new iPhone or new canon camera…. we’ll see.

The problem with blogging now is that, although I can type in my lunch break, I can’t attach my flickr photos because they’ve been blocked at work. I’m in no position to ask for special treatment so, I can point you at flickr but can’t attach the images here. So you’re welcome to go to my flickr, or just stay here picture less for now.

Next update, our holiday two weeks ago… and probably a little catchup on stuffs I’ve missed. Hopefully!