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Holiday catchup.

December 1, 2010

I had a holiday two weeks back. I was so busy trying to knit a new jumper and having a good time I failed to write anything here.

The jumper was the write off I mentioned in the last post. The rest of the holiday was fabulous. We mostly stayed home with some day trips out.

We went to that london for the day and didn’t take the cameras. It rained constantly but we enjoyed going to the national gallery and hamleys. Great day, with lots of stop offs at coffee shops to dry off. I managed to get a small toy for AM who at the time was very close to due date, and only bought a couple of DVD’s to bring home. Oh and we went out for dinner at pingpong dimsum restaurant. Thoroughly amazing food and well worth searching out.

We caught up with friends and went to Colchester Zoo. We met up with M4tt and K4tie and No4h. No4h finally got his hand made blanket wich went very well with his pram.
The day was cold but dry and great fun. Lots of great animals and stomping about the zoo. No4h was fantastic and not a single grumble all day.
Noah and Katie

There are more pictures of No4h and all the animals we saw on flickr

Finally at the end of our week off I was called by my brother to go out for Sushi with the kids. Adorable as always Tom and Izzy love the sushi restaurant and were very well-behaved considering they’re 4 and sitting in a restaurant.
Tommy Izzy