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Whoa there time!

May 12, 2011

Apparently I’ve not updated since oohh the start of the year.

That deserves a big fat APOLOGY. Sorry.

I had a birthday and so did Scotty, I’ve been knitting, and gardening and we’ve even had a couple of home based holidays too. Everything is fine, I’ve just got an idea up my sleeve that I don’t want to let out, and it may include a redesign here, or a move of this to somewhere else. Not entirely sure I’m ready for a move and shakeup.

Thing is, I know I’ve done the same job for 10 and a bit years now. I do still love it but I do want a side job, without the extra hours of work. I want to write knitting patterns but I also don’t want it to be a chore. Therefore when I do get down time I’m not likely to be spending it face in to a computer working. This is hindering the chance to move in to another world of side employment.

The Kindle cosy I made for a friend has gone down well. It is loved. The pattern is now half written and I’ve got testers waiting for me. I’m a mere 4 ends and 3 buttons away from completing a swingy cardigan for a friend’s wedding. I’ve started some new lace too, following someone elses pattern.

O and J are wonderful as ever. They are enjoying most evenings in the garden, letting them out staves off the cabin fever.
how much longer? The masked ninja

and I’m loving my little garden too. I would like to have chickens but its entirely not possible in our small garden in the city.
Our little garden

Please click through the image to Flickr, I’ve labeled every pot so you can see what we’re growing this year. I’ve figured out I don’t want to do brassicas. They are a pain in the Brassica. BUT Spuds work well, the raspberry just keeps getting bigger and fruits for most of the summer. There is nothing more calming than walking in to that back yard after a days work and just checking over progress. Love it.

So at least you know we’re all ok and doing fine. I’m still planning in the back of my head, and hopefully some day I’ll be a knit designer. Although don’t hold your breath at it becoming a full time income earner. I really doubt that will ever happen.