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June 9, 2011

We took a trip a couple of weeks back to attend THE wedding of the year, on the day of rapture. It was certainly a rapturous wedding with mini pirates running around, a very relaxed affair with lots of love. My dear friend “batsgirl” was the wonderfully beautiful bride in her stunning dress. I was her matron of awesome, this was a responsibility I took seriously but with a lot of fun and love. B has a disability which means she can’t always get up and run after everyone like we all want to. So I was there to be runner, helper and supporter. I’m so very happy she chose me as her reliable friend to go to. I know now I did everything she wanted and we helped make that perfect day for her and S. Hoorah!

 So here’s to the happy couple and hopefully many years of happiness together:

I even managed to get a couple of shots of Le Husband who mainly avoids being photographed by being behind the camera.

cameras. Serious Business.

Here comparing cameras with the groom. Oh and those on twitter know about THAT shirt. It was VERY expensive, but Oh my.. He looks very fine in it, so I think its worth it.

Finally I also got to meet someone I’ve stalked on the internet since birth. Meet Kitty (internet name)

An adorable little girl and lovely to finally meet her amazing knitter and quilter mum Knitted Bear

I managed to complete my silk cardigan I was knitting to go with my grey dress, although after going through most of the photos I think we’ve completely failed in getting a good photo of me in it. I’ll try to get one soon for you.

Last week I had lunch with dad, he’d just spent a week on the broads with his lovely lady friend and a couple that are her friends from Germany. They all came to lunch too. It was fabulous. I recommend The Britons Arms to anyone in Norwich wanting a slice of history with some good food. He’s back in Germany and keeping lovely and busy with the lifestyle I wish I had!

I finished a shawl, knitted in pure cashmere and its a cloud of lovelyness to wear. The pattern is Vlad, project details are here on Ravelry.

B kindly gave me the blocking boards (play mat) from the wedding and the blocking pins and wires are new from a birthday present. It’s the first time I got to use them. It worked amazingly well. Now all I need is the inspiration to finish writing some knitting patterns and some new projects because I have nothing new to show you.

Finally what would my blog be without a cat and garden update.

Jasper has just been brushed.
post brush bliss

He loved it to within an inch of his life. This week he’s managed to have a deriere problem, which appears to have been resolved. Although I did spend one evening following him around checking for star prints on everything. Thankfully he’s still eating and purring and cleaning himself.

Otis loves his cat grass
waiting for a brushing

and is waiting for his turn to be brushed. He attempted escape via the front door again this week. He cam dashing back in when the neighbour slammed a car door because he was trying to hide under the car. He’s a clever one but a bit too bold for his own good.

Most of the garden is coming along nicely. We’ve pulled up our first set of spuds. They were very tasty indeed. Now all I want is for this to keep growing big enough for me to pick the fruit.
grow my pretties!

Grow my pretties! Grow!



  1. And a fabulous runner and helper and supporter and diplomatic liaison officer you were too! Seriously, without you around it would not have been half the day it was. Thank you so much.

    Also, keep an eye on those courgettes. If they’re anything like mine, they carry on being little yellow bits like that for *ages* and you wonder if they’ll ever be vegetables and then one day, WHOOMPH.

  2. It was a fabulous day and your pictures are wonderful. Even though I don’t have any pictures either I can testify to your Cardigan being fabulous!

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