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watch where you’re going

July 27, 2011

So, lets start this the way we should to allay fears.

I’m happy and well with no injuries. The car is all in one piece and safe, not even a dent or scrape.

Friday required some traveling to Cambridge. On the journey over to the lovely Cambridge office I ran over SOMETHING in the road. Slightly further down the road after a clunk over a cats eye I heard a very big POP and the car shuddered LOTS. I slowed down safely with my hazard lights on and pulled in slowly to the next available safe place on the edge of the Elveden section of the A11. This is after the memorial but before the next proper lay by.

Now I realise I completely forgot to introduce my car, I got her mid May and so far she’s done 1,500 miles. I love her muchly but I have also burst a tyre before so knew exactly what to do. She’s a cherry red Honda Jazz. As you can see below I have parked the car off the road as far as I could.

So After getting a little case of the shakes cos, what accident, even a safely handled accident does not instill in a person a good dose of adrenaline? I called the breakdown service, then I called my boss and let them know I’d be in as soon as I could make it. I tweeted the situation to let le husband know what had happened. Then called him to confirm I was in fact all fine. I got myself sat on a bag, on the floor, on the edge of a corn field.  I ate a snack, finished my bottle of water and started knitting. What else is a girl to do?

Then I had one of those light epiphany moments where I laughed. How lucky am I? I had the safest accident ever, I may be stuck here for hours but I had a coat on, I could relax. It was a sunnyish day, a nice breeze, pretty countryside and when there were not cars zooming past I could hear birds and crickets. I settled in to knitting a few rows and the pattern I’m knitting is self designed. I could calm, I could relax and I can cope on my own.

The reason for the pattern, and hopefully when I have finished the scarf I will be writing it up, is to teach myself and others to look where you’re going. Watching what you’ve knit will show you what to do next and means there is no need to look at a pattern. Trust yourself and look. It’s a staggered rib so that even though the scarf is straight it looks slightly bias. It does take quite a bit of counting but becomes enjoyable with relaxing and getting in the zone, watching the different sized ribs move along as it is knit. So there I sat, getting the oddest of looks from the larger trucks that could see me sat back from the road. Slowly relaxing in to what I know, the needles, the yarn and using my time usefully. Now I sat there and thought, if only I’d seen what I’d ran over I may have not been sitting there knitting.

After an hour and a half I was picked up by the AA. All I can say is good things, they helped me, my car was hoisted on to the back of the truck and we took a detour to Mildenhall to try and search out a tyre. 3 tyre places later and still nothing. New car, new size, nobody had stock. I called Holden Honda in Norwich where I got my car from and a very helpful member of their team called around and put me on hold whilst searching for a tyre for me.

Once a tyre could be found, where I wanted it (in Cambridge) the lovely AA man took me all the way to the Histon road in Cambridge, to the kwikfit garage and dropped me off. I knew that place was there, a mere 100m from the office, I really thought they had the right thing so that is why I asked the Honda gentleman to try them first. I left my car and walked to the office. An hour later I came back to pick up my car, with a new sparkly wheel. The only thing was nobody had the right tyre because it was new, I had to upgrade to a better tyre. My poor wallet was stung with £138 bill but I was safe to get home after work.

So, my reason for blarting all this out on the net? Look where you’re going and still look on the bright side.


friends and family

July 20, 2011

Sometimes I just don’t feel like I’m part of anything. Other times I do. recent weeks have been wonderful because I’ve had friends visit and I’ve seen family. Its been lovely to feel part of it and to be reminded I’m appreciated and worth a visit.

I had a spare day off so visited AM for a frenzied day of Knitting. Well not frenzied at all, very relaxed and lovely. I baked a cinnamon apple and raisin loaf whilst AM baked sweet potatoes. We played with “squeak” which was his inside name. I’ve got photos but the pile of photos I need to upload is now immense. I’m not getting that done any time soon. I got to spend some quality time with squeak, testing out how things go when AM is not at his side. It went really well. He was fine without her.

We had short notice visit from friends JHFC & LavieOrdinaire (on twitter) They are old friends from when Scotty and I met, wonderful to see them, and after a few movies and a trip in to town shopping it was all over far too quickly.

Had some lovely time with the family too, one long walk up through Sheringham to the top of the golf course and the weekend after, we all got together for a train ride from Sheringham to Holt and back. There was a car faire at Holt which meant lots of photos being taken. The steam train was fabulous and had my nephew bouncing up and down super excited.

Now on to the knitting. I started a blanket and its a square construction from the center out but two different colours circling around each other. not sure that explains it, if you’re on ravelry its the two colour 10 stitch blanket. I’m using Kauni yarn wich has long colour repeats which slowly change from dark to light. It should look fabulous when done but I’m kicking myself for trying to knit over 1200m of yarn on 3mm needles. EPIC.

I started a new cardi with some sale yarn I got from the local John Lewis, Debbie bliss alpaca silk. Its very lovely indeed. I guessed there would not be nearly enough with 7 balls of 50g chunky. I ordered another 7 from an online shop and bought up the last of their stock too. Amazingly it was the exact same dye lot. I’ve completed the back and I’m working up the two fronts now. I’m still not sure I have enough.

I’ve still got a scarf on the go which is super simple but at the same time has a 35ish row pattern repeat. Something I want to write up but can’t complete until I complete the scarf itself. Its being knitted with the last of my hand spun. I’d love to do some more spinning but I’m worried that I’ve really messed up the wheel replacing parts of it, oh and of course Jasper eating through the main cord for the wheel. I’m tempted to trash the old wheel or donate it and invest in a travel wheel that can be packed up without changing tension or setup. Except that is expensive but I hope it would be worth it.

I’ve been covering a colleague for their holidays, this means I’ve been super busy at work wich is always nice. Its stopped me having any spare time at work but at home I’ve still been creative. Just this weekend we went to the local pick your own and picked over 3.5 kilos of raspberries. I tried to make jam again but also failed to weigh everything or follow a recipe. It tastes great but it can’t be called jam because it didn’t set. Boo! Still I was in a cooking mood so made bread, sausage (veggie) rolls and a huge macaroni cheese. When all else is madness a good bit of cooking appears to be one of my therapies. Block everything else out and just get chopping, stirring, heating and making.

Otis and Jasper are lovely as always. Until next time when I may be able to stick a photo or two up.