snoddy sadurday

February 27, 2012

I am not immune.

I managed a whole two years without a day off work and since just before Christmas I’ve had one bout of cold/flueyness that sort of faded but did not truly leave and I broke my run and took one day off late December. 

The lurgy did not go and gave me post nasal drip, as my doctor called it. Most uncomfortable, so I spent most of January and February snuffling. Snoring like a fog horn and swallowing constantly. This also has side effects, like acid reflux and wind. I’m sure you can see a very attractive classy lady in all this. I certainly can’t.

It all came to a head on Friday night, I felt rougher than a badger pulled through a hedge backwards. I’ve been accumulating much sleep and avoiding any technical knitting to recover. I think I’m getting better but I’ll gladly say I’m fed right up with winter and colds.

Back at the start of the month was my birthday. I had a lovely family party. A lovely party with AM and a pub lunch, and a day off with my beloved. Then we had the valentines weekend where he put his back out. Then he had a cold on his birthday weekend. Thankfully this weekend I was well enough, although I moaned and moaned through the snot, to make cake and take le husband to my family for his birthday party. Still it could have been much more bouncy and happier if I wasn’t filled with head fluff.

Still, there is always spring and hay fever to look forward to. *cries* Anyone got a sealed bubble I could live in?


One comment

  1. Sadly I’m all out of sealed bubbles but if you find one can we share?! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so grotty – we need a good cold snap to kill off all the lurgies.

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