March 13, 2012

Don’t tell anyone but I’ve just cast off the sleeves on a jumper. Its a rare treat. I was knitting on fumes and had less than a yard left for each sleeve. Now all I’ve got to do is wash it, block it, sew under the arms and wear it with pride.

What is the betting we have a new heatwave so I don’t need the new jumper till autumn? heh.

In other news I had a fabulous weekend. I sewed a new big red fluffy bow for a hen party on Saturday night. I was rushed because I didn’t have an minnie mouse ears for the theme.


I gave it to the hen when I departed the party. I really did not like the club/bar we went to. Still, the evening was quite nice. This is why I escaped safely and early, only two alcoholic drinks and my reputation still intact.

Sunday we went to see the family and enjoyed a lovely lunch at my sisters house followed by a nice long walk around Blickling hall and lake. The weather was amazing and well worth the exercise.

I’ll get some pictures of the jumper after its washed. Last thing I want to do is post about it with photos and then felt it. Although I have done worse in the past. (see pink silk skirt for exaple 1A)

Toodles for now 😀


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