a rare day off.

March 19, 2012

This is not your normal day off. I’ve just taken one day because I need some time to get some things together. This weekend has been indoors because of the rotten weather. Still I got pattern writing and I’m almost ready to publish a new knitting pattern. One that has been hanging on the back burner for some time.

To go along with this knitting pattern I wanted to launch in to a whole new area. You’ve heard it here before but now I have most items in place. I’ve got the building blocks ready, now I just have to produce proper content.

So, this morning I’ve done a load of washing, washed the cat water bowl, ran the dishwasher, emptied and filled it again, cleaned up cat sick, cleaned the litter tray, had a shower and brought down my hand washing. I’m even going to start a loaf of bread shortly. This is all before 10am. Yet I feel like I’m procrastinating, getting the cleaning and tidying is great, but it’s not completing my main task. A new blog, to run along side this one entirely dedicated to my knitting designs.

The ravelry store has been re-named and linked in to the new site.

One thing I did do, and I’m now very much looking forward to, is book a holiday. Its been a long while since we went abroad and we’ve booked a cottage in France for 10 days in May. The thing that sold me on the place more than anything was the review on the last page. They had a cat with kittens and allowed the children visiting to play with them. How cool is that? We miss Otis and Jasper so much when ever we are on holiday that we go searching for holiday cats. Also the other main reason for booking was the site invites you to help yourself to vegetables in the garden when you stay. I’m rather excited about all this. Thankfully our good friend is going to house sit for us so O & J don’t have to go anywhere. I hate putting Jasper in a car, it upsets him so much. I’ve booked the flights, the car and the cottage. We’re nearly there already.

Now to get working, pages need creating, photos need taking, cats need playing with, bread needs kneading, knitting needs knitting, documents need formatting 🙂 I really love a day off when its busy and fruitful.


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