new site, and what I’m up to.

March 26, 2012

So I’ve told you all my plans.

what I failed to tell you is where it is.

Please welcome in to this blogging world: KnittedMilieu

So, its live, I have two patterns up and for sale and ravelry is hosting both of those. I’m currently knitting furiously on a pair of BRIGHT PINK socks to get the pattern up there as fast as I can.

This blog will still be dedicated to me, and what I’m up to. That blog will be entirely for my knitting designs. I still want to spin and knit other people’s patterns and go out, see family, work, eat, sleep. So I guess there should be enough content for here too.

I just wish I had more to show you now. Still I’m sure you’re fine waiting, knowing what a blog hiatus I had over last year.

The weekend was stunning in Norfolk. The Sun has been beating down and made most people happy. I wish I could entirely say the same thing but hay fever season is upon me and I’d love to itch and scratch until I look sore. It takes more than a little strength not to want to pull the insides out of my nose.

Still I’m not sure you want to hear that either. So I hid in our small garden, camera setup on tripod and took photos to build up my patterns in progress.

On to other things, have a picture of a cat. Otis with Scotty’s new camera

Cracking photo. Both Otis and Jasper are well and happy. which reminds me, I must book them in for a vet visit soon. They are due their boosters and a quick check over.

If any of you are wondering where Scotty gets the money for another camera, I love the fact he’s doing something he loves, and we can afford it mainly because we have no kids. I’d rather he be behind a camera or in front of a laptop than down the pub or riding around on motorbikes or anything half as dangerous. I know he’s safe, and still super lovely. Oh and he’s sold me on getting new toys because I get all the old extras to fit my camera, two free posh lenses! woohoo!


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