not more chutney?

August 28, 2007

well as you ask yes!

that 3.25Kg of plums were de stoned and cooked in my 8L pan. I love this pan for mass cookery. Not something I often mention but I can and do have the ability to cater for many all at once, mainly in indian style. Thats one of the main benefits I gained from spending some time with the Hare Krishnas. I love them guys.

Well this time Scott was helping out and he nipped to the shop to get vinegar and bits and bobs. As I was doing other things Scott looked at the weight ratios for fruit to vinegar and placed them in the pot accordingly so we could get cooking. I wanted to make tamarind and plum which looks fab but I forgot because tamarind is a sour flavour like vinegar, we did not need as much. Hours of cooking later it tastes nice but more like sweet and sour sauce than chutney. We now have around 5L of slightly too sharp chutney that is a bit runny. Ho hum. I’m going to attempt a rescue mission this evening containing apples and loads more sugar. Tamarind is great though its like the essence of sour sweets that make the back of your mouth water.

I also noticed that the bed sheets that I bought on Friday, one was the wrong size so Monday morning I nipped in to a lovely quiet city to swap the sheets. Whilst I was there I went to see if I could find a corset that would fit so I could get used to wearing one prior to my wedding dress. Ann Summers to the rescue! for 50 of the earth English pounds I now have a simple black satin corset that can be dressed up or down as required! its a bit big if anything but hey its nice to have the laces done up without any gaps in the back. I can even do them up myself. Sorry I just cannot do gappy bits especially in my lower back. I swear it just makes me cold all through and gives me back ache. This is why you’ll never see me with flunge aka muffin tops *shudder* even in summer.

I took some photos of the chutney process, I’ve just not got them off the camera yet. Oh and I got a new pair of pants and Erasmus stole them ( kicked them off the sofa and tried to drag them away) so I made him wear them for the camera. Its hilarious, no really it is. I’ll show you another day.



August 27, 2007

So Friday was spent going shopping for presents and food and stuffs. I found some sheets on sale in house of fraser for the bed. popped in to vanilla and tried on some corsets, they were beautiful but the shop was very much a boutique only stocking smaller sizes.

Popped over to see mum and dad on Saturday. Had a great time helping them clear out the loft. They are moving next week and had to get everything cleared out. So many memories past my eyes coming out in boxes. We took a walk around wells and collected some apples pears and tomatoes for cooking up. The garden was full of stuff so the more taken away the better. That evening I made green and red tomato chutney, slightly spicy but great.

Sunday we went over my brothers house to celebrate dad’s birthday last week. It was great seeing all the family. Gran was there too. We had a lovely bbq outside and played with the kids. We came back with a glut of plums, we weighed them today and they were 3.25 Kg…

I took the tomato chutney with us and it went down very well indeed.

A basic run down of green and red tomato chutney:

green and red tomatoes, red onion, 2 chillies all chopped and thrown in a pan. I deseeded my chillies to make it milder. cook down and add a half a pint of vinegar. I used half malt, half raspberry.

Next add spices, these are good. I added salt, pepper, mustard powder, hing (asefodeda), mango powder for a bit more tang, cumin, coriander a cinamon stick and a star anise. The star stayed whole but I was fool enough to break up the cinamon stick and spend hours pulling bits out. *sigh*

cook up, then once reduced a fair bit add a metric shedload of sugar. Notice I’ve not given out any measurements, mainly because I forgot to make any. keep cooking until going slightly gloopy. At this point I semi blended it to remove the bigger lumps and make it easier to get out of the jar. et voila.. chutneylicious, jar up and give to people.


good news.

August 6, 2007

What? me with a bible? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. no Not that sort of “good news”

Scotty got offered the new job, he’s going to take it and hand in his notice today. That should be fun. Last night on the way home I stopped in the local shop to get Scotty a congratulations present. I saw no champagne so I bought tangfastics (his favourite) and strawberry milk. Ah well eh, we’ll make a proper celebration of it at the weekend.

In other stuffs I’ve found on the web, this was listed on flickr:

DIY Tinkertoy yarn swift

DIY tinkertoy yarn swift

Originally uploaded by revolutionarygirl


oh yes. I thought of making one in Lego but I can’t get my head round it. Maybe a trip to the toy store this weekend will be in order.


and now to let you in on a few secrets…

July 17, 2007

Scotty had a job interview on Monday. He completed the online tests first last week and all seems to have gone well. We are waiting to hear more. It seems like a nice new oportunity but we’ll just keep everything crossed because it will probably be a hefty pay rise if he gets it. Waiting is the hardest part.

I’ve provisionally pre-booked the registrar for our wedding. We went on Sunday to Dragon Hall which is were we want to marry and have a reception. I personally still want a HUGE party after but not on the same day. Now this is not an invite to all and sundry but I want to let some people know the date. We’re booked in for August 23rd 2008. This should give us enough time to get sorted out. This is on my terms, my time line and as anyone who knows me close enough understands that I need it this way or it will never happen.

Scotty and I sat down over the weekend and penciled in a few basics so we know where to start from. Now all we have to do is start putting down deposits and arranging caterers and flowers and clothes. Which is all thoroughly atainable within the time line.

I did phone mum and let her know what was going on but then I was blasted with a list of things to do which did not assist at all, it confused me, made me worry and generally wound me up. Now I do LOVE my mum, she’s the best mum anyone could have but I can see me getting rather wound up by her not understanding what I want. I think the problem is I find it hard do let her know what I want and she over compensates by giving me too much information and on many items all at once. There are things I will need her help with, and things I dont.

So just to try and break down our converstation a little to make things clearer:

Car parking is not my issue right now.

I’m not ready to go to London to shop for fabric yet.

No Norwich does not have any wedding shops that stock wedding dresses with sleeves in.

I want a corset under my dress, not a basque or standard undies which means a trip for me to rigby and peller London. No I cant get that sort of thing in Norwich. (this was a lot more long winded I just cut it down)

Yes we can travel to ireland or scotland to get the celtic style I want but I’m not sure I’ll find it that easily and yes I’d love you to make the dress if you can understand what I want. No gold, no cream, er um. I sent on designs and was sent back dress patterns to stick together. Good ideas but still not understanding my point. My mum can and will make my dress if I ask her. Firstly I need to spend some time shopping around.

flowers? nope not even started there yet. Dragon Hall does not particularly need them its a sight in itself.

dressing the hall? I mentioned some window covers and then it ended in full details as how to attach a voile cover when she’s not even seen them. Its a grade 1 listed building so nothing nailed, blue tacked or taped.

MUM PLEASE stop trying so hard, you’re squishing me! and that was just one phone call because we’ve fixed a date. Mum has told me to tell her when to stop. I think I need to say STOP and I’ll tell you when to start.


just to keep you informed

July 14, 2007

life is going on but nothing worth babbling about. Now super tired and catching up after a week of waking up over an hour early every day, lots to do for work and a fair amount of travel. The digger started at 8am this morning on the plot next to my house. I slept through it to catch up on some rest but woke up with a headache instead.

Its warm and windy which is OK for a bit but for 3 days? It makes me sneeze. speak later when I feel more like letting you in on some secrets. Now I must go knit.


tofu, angst and fluff

July 4, 2007

I could have knocked several blocks off people for general bad management of stuffs. Although I fear saying any more because I know its not my fault, but blathering about work is not really what I’m here for.

What I am here fore is to enjoy the fluff, and who can resist a bunny as fluffy as that. Now I am thoroughly calmed and almost in control of all inevitabilites in the workplace I have just enough break time to tell you what we had for dinner last night.

Thai tofu curry. This is one for the vegans out there like bittersweet.

oil a pan and throw in generous helpings of finely chopped garlic ginger and de-seeded green chilli and fry off until just turning colour. have a selection of medium diced veg at the ready, try and make all veg of a cookable size at the same time. This is my way of making cooking really easy, carrots small, courgette large, pepper medium, button mushrooms whole, spring onions halved.

Throw in the tofu diced (dried on kitchen towel) and the veggies this way they should all cook evenly when thrown in together. stir and fry for a couple of mins until things start sticking. add around half a cup of water, just enough to lift the flavours from the pan and give it a quick steam, do not let it boil dry. Put on lid and steam until starting to go tender. Once veggies are nearly all cooked, add carton of coconut cream (best not be on a diet for that)… and the juice of half a lime. Stir, let it all cook through then use cornflour to thicken at the end. I also added a dash of soy sauce and mushroom ketchup to make a fuller flavour.

I made all that with some Thai rice which I threw some butter in at the end to steam with some more lime juice. Sorry that’s the non vegan bit. I’m sure there are some suitable alternatives out there for the butter.

all in all a very good stuffing full of food, and one for the freezer for lazy days 🙂


woohoo! hopefully

June 28, 2007

if all goes well with the rest of today I should be out wearing red at the local comedy club tonight. Its a hen night for one of the girls in our office.

WATCH OUT NARIDGE we’re coming to get yah.