confidentiality at work..

June 7, 2007

Yesterday I was trying to fix something for a colleague. A PowerPoint document, something a bit squiffy with the fonts. Although on first look I could not find the problem. Like most IT staff, I don’t read documents as I try and fix them, there is no need and its information that is basically not assimilated.

After a moment I noticed the name of the company. It was the company that my man Scotty works for. This left me in a slightly awkward position. As I am a contractor to a large auditing firm who consult on business as well as audit. I could not fix the file, it would leave me open to seeing information that would mean I have to keep secrets from Scott. Anyway the file was ok, it was fixed by a colleague and now that I know people in my office are providing services to the company Scott works for, I will be able to aviod infomation on that company so as not to place myself in a privacy and confidentiality situation. I’ve signed the forms before, I know the rules, it was just rather a shock to be in the position where I was not allowed to do my job.

The team members involved were also very good about it and fully understanding about my position in this. Just shows even just being a support bod, you can be placed in the most difficult of positions when dealing with other peoples data. I am always cautious and try my very best to make sure they have suitable support for their needs. Hopefully this is the most detailed I will ever have to get with blogging items about work. Again something all bloggers should be wary of.


cant beat a sunday bbq

June 4, 2007

especially when its mighty sunny. Scotty and I had a mad rush round yesterday morning giving the house a quick clean up. Mum and dad popped over to give us a hand with the loft ladder and a blind for the bedroom. Now we can get up the loft with no problems and we have a new slatty blind in the bedroom which means I can get dressed of a morning without worrying that i’ve just pulled a moonie at the neighbours. Infact it was so dark this morning in our bedroom I was wondering if it was still the middle of the night. Except the alarm went off and reality hit, damn.

Anyway I was talking about yesterday. My parents are always great at helping out, I try not to ask too much of them but as they have already done the same for my brother and sister they feel obliged and who am I to refuse help in doing the DIY I loathe. This is why we bought a new house instead of an old one. Best investment ever.

So after DIY dad came to the rescue we all headed over my brothers house for a bbq. It was warm, sunny and all the kids were running around. Idylic. Managed to eat WAY too much. To the point that the starter which was mighty tasty of spicy butternut squash soup decided it disliked me. I’m very very glad my brother only lives around the corner from me at the moment. I did not drink but my tummy was very upset from the chilli in the soup. I’m fine now, not sure quite what went on but I did the olympic toilet dash once the door to our house was open. Thank goodness for a ground floor loo.

Most memorable moment of the day: Izzy and Tommy sitting in their high chairs eating soup and garlic bread.  “dip dip dip” they said together as they stuffed their faces. Followed by “yum yum yum” once eaten. How come small kids can make the simple things seem the cutest.


I’ve just found where all our old computers go…

May 22, 2007

I work for a large company, they lease computers for us to use and then return them back to be refurbished and sold on.

Shock of all shocks they sell them on ebay. Not that I want one mind. I know what they’ve been through.

I’m still toying with getting a mac to replace my home laptop. Something small because my old Compaq laptop at home is a huge wide screen beast which sounds like it needs a good hoover out because the fan is a bit blocked. Also the wireless card broke the other day. Dragging cables around the lounge is no fun. It is over 2 years old and struggling with any games. It used to play guild wars fine. I don’t play guild wars any more but I do play kingdom of loathing which is highly addictive. Just think how silly a text adventure can be and make it all point and click and you have the idea.

I know its not green to throw out and buy new, but there is still that I WANT A NEW TOY aspect to it all.  Saying that though I’ve got a list of new toys I want, as always! I’m even trying to think of items that we need to put on a wedding list. That is if I ever get around to arranging my own wedding. People that know me may think it will never happen. I’m still not sure until I can get someone to organize the whole thing for me for free. Not that I want the moon on a stick or anything.