About Jiva

English, Female, with husband, two cats, house, car and full time job. Generally good natured with the odd rant. I should know better than to blather about things on the net, but when did that ever stop me.

I love knitting, staying indoors and occasionally cooking. I keep having crazy ideas about breaking out from the sedentary desk job and finding my own niche market for my craft creations that hardly ever get past gifts for friends. One day, I hope to have a designer shop with lots of little hand crafted gifts. OR one day I hope to travel the world with both cats and husband in a Winnebago. Or one day I will have an alpaca and angora farm and spin all my own yarn. Or one day I will win the lottery I never play…

one day… keep dreaming, it makes life fun.



  1. Hi Clare

    Just read some of your twitterings and also seen some of your flicker photos by chance. I hope you are well, and thanks for saying nice things about French’s.I see rob some times he is still workimg in a fish and chip shop but not ours. Hope you are still enjoying married life.


  2. Hi !
    I am a French contributor of Wikipedia and I look for Balinese cats pictures to illustrate the French Wikipedia breed’s article. I can only upload picture in creative contents license. I saw the picture names “Sad news” on Flickr but I want to be sure that you are ok for this.

    You can also have others pictures that I can maybe use. Unfortunately, the pictures that we have now are not really beautiful or representative of this breed.

    I don’t find your email address and I hope that you will receive this message.


    • Thanks for asking. Yes I’m happy for you to use my photos. Any of my flickr balinese photos. You also may want to use my husband’s photos on flickr he’s listed as munkt0n. 🙂

  3. Love Perusing your blog… always interesting. Thankyou!!!

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