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May 20, 2008

Well nowt much has happened here. I hardly left the house all weekend. I did try and start a new knitting project but the love was just not there. Most frustrating. The shopping was done big style including a new Iron, in PINK because I just knew how much I would love seeing Scotty iron with a pink iron when he’s doing his shirts for work. Its the small things that make me happy.

I also cleaned and tidied and hoovered the entire house starting at the top and working down. Well, I hoovered completely, I did not clean completely. Which reminds me I do love our little dyson Animal, its great on the stairs and really does pick up all the animal fluff and even my hair without clogging. Thats because it has not rotating brushes. I can break any hoover with rotating brushes because my hair is that strong.

Aaaaaanyway, less of the babble and on to the reason and title of this blog post. I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of music I would like at my wedding. I know scotty and I have a whole heap of stuff that will do just fine for the evening disco bop. Which also means we can put an all out ban on any Celine Dion, Madonna, Kyle, Michael Jackson, Wham and all that sort of stuff you get from a general wedding DJ. Luckily our music provision is from a friend and for a mear £200 he is covered and insured with all his equipment. All we have to do is supply a 4Gb memory stick and or any other media and he can play all our choons YAY excessive cheese banned!

The most important moments of the day are surrounded by some music. I would like those items to be particularly speical and to narrate me and Scotty as best they can. They have to be fully suitable for the occasion and suitable for the ears of the very young and very old. I do love a bit of classical but I am yet to find just the right thing, the right vibe and the positive sounds I want on my big day. The main segways of music I need to find are: my entrance (and before with background), signing time, us leaving the room, more fill music and the very essential first dance. Lets just remind you I dance one of two ways, like an idiot gurning at a rave or like my mum. Scotty is about the same but like his dad…. I can see this taking a long while to sort out and maybe even a couple of lessons.

What I have been doing is gathering free tunes. I do love a good bargain and if people are willing to put their stuff out for free I’m willing to give them a shout out and say how good I think it is. In this case I’m listing some lovely lovely choons that make me smile. I’ll try and make links available to all where possible but I found most of these via ilike on Facebook and it looks like the easiest way to get hold of these songs for yourselves.

Dreamland by Cordafonia I love the start of this track. Just plinky plonky enough and with all the promise of a beautiful sunny day. Then someone starts singing with a vocoder. BOO! still its very lovely and I’d love to find something else that cordafonia have done but they have not started up their web page yet.

Swin I like both Murder Migration and Goodness Gracious. Both free for download.

A.M. I like Othello interlude, its got a big beat but you cant beat a good indian flute. There are a couple of other tracks he has given away free which are very nice too but not for a wedding. they are “this is me dancing” Dr Cohen gets even and GrammarBack which is a great giggle for all you spelling and grammar purists out there.

monkeybacon best viewed with firefox or safari. They have a couple of tracks on their site but on ilike they have lots of free tracks. All of the tracks are great and I love thier style and sound. They seem somewhere between quantic and mr scruff. Although I think Cabin and Cocktails is my fave for now.

transocianic Both tunes that this band have produced are great fillers for signing the regester and things like that. Nice to have on in the background.

Finally there are some quite cheery tunes on Lestay

Do you know of any good tunes to add to my list? I’d like to stipulate free, because they are going to be at my wedding and I don’t want to be done for playing music I’m not entitled to!



February 28, 2008

time to tighten that money belt.

I’ve gone and listed a couple of things on ebay. Its the first time I’ve done this so here’s hoping it all works. please visit my items and bid furiously: nintendo DS lite white and sqeezebox

Let me know if those links do not work. I’m sure at some point the session ID will time out and the link will break.

We’re still up to our eyeballs in cat doo, mainly runny and splattered all over the place. All from one cat, Otis is fine. We’re not happy at all and Scotty in a mood is not to be sniffed at by any cat. Poor Jasper really got the raw end of Scotty’s anger this morning. To the point that Jasper ran upstairs and peed on the kitchen floor. At this point I know he’s not happy and telling him off and rubbing Jaspers nose in it is not resolving the situation. I really need some more time at home to sort him out. I do worry about our boys. I don’t want them to be ill. I have booked vets and got all the care instructions I can from the rescue place we got them from. At least now I know what I need to do. Its all a matter of applying it.

In good news, the new car is coming home tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been bouncing about at home dancing and singing “new toy! new toy!”

I’m still worried about mum too. This week is going to be tough for her and I think I may just take a drive out to see her anyway. I saw mum yesterday after her chemo and she looked happy if a little tired. She gave me the silk for my wedding dress which means I now have to book another appointment with my dress maker to get it to her.

Then back on to the wedding we’ve near as dammit got numbers for the event. It looks like around 80. Now we have to do invites and catering. These are daunting me a little but I’m sure at some point I’ll bite the bullet and dig in and get it done.

Finally I’ve found myself too tired to knit of an evening so I’ve been adding to the games I like on-line links section on the bottom right of this page. Go and play some. Them’s good for passing an evening when I’m tired.


now lets try and focus on the positive

February 4, 2008

hell I need to.

Green quiver socks : I made a mistake which was half the sock length down when I got it to nearly 4 inches. I ripped out, re-wound the ball and started again. Then made the sock two stitches bigger in the round because it would then fit better. It was a tad on the tight side.  Anyway I managed to complete all that distance again on the socks over the weekend. They are past the point of rip back so I class that as an achievement. They are also slightly changed at the front, I’ll show you the pattern when I take some more photos.

We went shopping yesterday. It was mainly to get me a small birthday present. I came out with two gorgeous knitting books. They are lace style and Knitting Lingerie Style. I love them both. The only issue is whilst Scotty picked up my books to pay for them he left his own book in the shop. DOH. Paid for at waterstones in a waterstones bag, then left in borders.

So to cheer us both up we lounged on the sofas all Sunday afternoon watching the complete first series of spaced back to back. Classic good times.


not so much fun but games

November 21, 2007

The other day I ordered some games for the wii online from GAME. I cant fault the actual delivery of the items. They turned up yesterday morning nice and early. Thing is I’ve still not recieved any of the email. I checked my cpanel account online at home and it was not that causing the issue. I’m sure my account with jiva does not expire until september 2008. There is No reason at all why the emails have not turned up. Mighty odd.

Anyway we got Simpsons, Lego Star Wars and Marrio Galaxy. We’ve tried the first two and they are fab. I can see Scotty haveing lots to do whilst I work normal days over christmas. Plus it means lots of warm cosy nights in for the both of us.
I’ve been knitting at that sock (two at once so that should be socks). I am at the point of gusset increase. Things are looking good. I really should take some photos. Which reminds me, photos are up for mums birthday party, go take a look.

Sorry if this seems a little short and stabby, I’ve had a REALLY rough nights sleep. I woke up several times and then from about 4am onwards I had to get up because my nose was stuffed. Got back in to bed around 4.30 and lay awake. I may have drifted in and out but I did sweat buckets, get cold, get hot, listen to snoring, hear cars and birds. I was not resting properly. Come the alarm going off for Scotty I was a mess. He said its not that bad so I burst in to tears. Mainly because right then I was with head ache, tired and completely unable to relax properly it was that bad in my head. He tried to comfort me but saying the things that would wind me up the most instead of just hugging me, not his fault, just mine for being completely erational where sleep is concerned. So yeah up at 6 and no more sleep. I’m never ever good after lack of sleep. I can sleep for England and Europe. Being deprived of what I consider my one major requirement will make me a complete emotional wreck today. Then there’s the vets tonight so I had to come in early to work. Plus the builders were prompt at 7am and started the cement mixer at 7.15.

Please, if you’ve read this today try not pick on me. Give me a gentle stroke and say “aw have a cookie and a cup of tea” and walk away slowly before I cry or scream. You have been warned.


about which I blather.

August 29, 2007

there are several small items to cover today.

1, knitting scouts! I’m not going to put the badges up for myself but for those out there who knit, they are funny and cool. I’ve been meaning to link them for a while and have just not got around to it. As you can see this blog is badge and button free. I try and keep things clean and tidy. Which reminds me, i’ve got loads of people to add as links in the friends and knitting blogs sections. I just don’t get round to it again!

I’ve given up playing kingdom of loathing. It was great fun for a while but at the point I had to repeat the same actions just to get anywhere every day I got bored. I gave Scotty all my collections of bits and bobs. I removed my Mr Accessory and therefore over time the account will be removed. I don’t regret playing and now at least I understand when others wibble on about it. I just don’t have time to play and do other things that are more important.

Now normally I put up small linking pictures to flickr but in this case you need a larger image.

Now how cute is that! he’s an absolute darling and always wanting a hug. This time he went to the router for a hug. We are seriously considering getting another indoor cat that can be his friend. He is way too lonely in the day. I wish we could both be home more but we cant. He seems happy enough but there are tell tale signs that he needs just a little extra company.

I took some photos of the chutney and chutney jars and plums and tamarind. Its easier just to give you short links on those. Last night I chopped all the apples given to us from mum and dads garden (old garden as they move TODAY!) cooked them up and added back all the plum and tamarind chutney. It was very vinegary, we cooked it down and added over a kilo extra sugar. Now its more like it should be, deep and fruity and sweet. We have 4 of the big square jars full and two smallerish jars full. I measured against the pan before putting in the jar and there was around 7 leters. So who wants chutney? I cant post it but you can come and collect.

damn I forgot about erasmus in pants. Maybe I’ll surprise you one day with it.


things I missed

August 14, 2007

Some one took me up on the offer to swap arctic lace for a sock book. The lovely Beverly here in the UK did the swap. I’m very happy with the sock book she gave me: socks socks socks.

As I’ve not talked about it you may have guessed I did not make it to the works party. We went down the local, quaffed cider and fruit beers and staggered home. Saw friends and generally had a nice time.

I’ve been picking up a few links from around the webosphere:

singing science from Rogan who was an old friend from b3ta days. Entertaining, educational and just plain silly.
slacker cats from wendy knits If you ever want to know about knitting socks, this is your woman. I want to see this but I don’t think its coming to the UK any time soon.

I don’t get to the cinema often. I tend to go and see kids animation films but this summer I’ve not been tempted by any films. This will change when the golden compass comes out. I’ve read the books and enjoyed them, I’m sure they will do them justice. Just look at Iorek! I so want to hug him.


I have too many lace books and not enough sockage.

August 2, 2007

I seriously needs some books on sock knitting. I’ve not got much spare cash for the moment mainly because of the wonderful continuous upping of our lovely mortgage. I can do frugal, I can cover my back and make sure we still have enough for our wedding. (which reminds me I need to pay the deposit on the booking) which also reminds me, we have a date set. I’m trying to make sure what savings I do have go towards that and keeping us in the black.

Scotty had a 2nd job interview yesterday which went well. Hopefully he will get the job and that will help no end because its more money. *sings money makes the world go around* in my head folks, I would never torture you with my very pitchy singing voice.

so anyways on to the task in hand, I have 3 books for swapsies.

All 3 are still in mint condition, they are very very lovely books but I for one do not NEED them. I have other lace books and I’ve painstakingly copied out anything I need without damaging the books. They have been read and stored safely in a box under my bed. No stains, no dents and no folding down pages *shudders* I can do it in note books but not in real books.

I’ve done no research in to sock books. I would love to have a book or two on heels and toes, kitchener stitches, short rows, heel flaps, toe up, cuff down. Anything really. The stuff I’ve tried before I’ve ended up making a little mess of and if I do make the effort to stick to a propper pattern I may stand a chance of knitting some propper socks. So is anyone interested? I’ll pimp out the blog on flickr and other places I frequent so please leave a message with suggestions if you have any. All constructive comments welcomed.

ps. I’ll try and find some nice bits and bobs to add to the package. Be ready for some surprises.


more books more books!

May 31, 2007

I have just literally drooled over Victorian lace today. I did hire out a gathering of lace from the library not so long back and its nice but not a patch on VLT. *wipes away spittle*

I already had this book at home. It was my first knitting book and very good it is too.

My new other books are:

and of course what I said earlier VLT:

I have the books now all I need is the needles ( have most of these via donation from family), the yarn ( yes yes I do have some stash but a gal always needs more), the time etc. Well at least I can spend endless hours drooling over patterns I may one day turn in to something special. At least I can look at the books in my break times at work without people looking at me as if I’m odd. I did try knitting at lunch in the office but I’m not sure it went down that well. I swear they all think I’m a tad loopy, I think I’m happy with that.


we will go to the wedding

May 31, 2007

Scotty’s brother is getting married soon. All the holiday is booked, my brother is “cat sitting” as he lives round the corner, and we have a hotel booked too.

Now I don’t get to go to many weddings, I thinks its because I’m an insular sort, I don’t let that many people very close to me. Although there are many I would call close friends and good colleagues and great Internet mates. These last two are the sorts where making a wedding list is going to get complicated. Where do the friendships start after chatting on line? I should know these answers as I am going to marry someone I met on the Internet. Also which colleagues to invite without offending others. Its all so confusing, although the other night I did ask again when are you going to marry me? Scotty replied “next year isn’t it? I’m sure we decided on that” which put me at ease. Now if only I had a magic wand to make it all organised.

oh and for Kingdom of Loathing fans I’m in ronin and have been since Monday. I have managed to get it so today I will blossom out of ronin like a swan. I managed to prepare really quite well, most camp ground equipment has been placed. Never ascend without a meat maid in your locker! I wonder if that sounds as mad to non Kol’ers as I think it does.


I’ve been waiting for some books

May 29, 2007

from amazon. Some of them came today. Lovely they are too. I will be mostly reading knitting books for the near future.

Arctic Lace


All linked back to Amazon. I did order two others. I’m still waiting for them. I’ll leave them as a surprise for later.


Erasmus is in puddy frenzy next to me. I will be doing the usual this evening. Kingdom of loathing followed by smoothie making, dinner making and eating. Then maybe some knitting. I just don’t have time to do everything I want to, especially when Erasmus keeps sitting on me. *gets squished*