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poo damn blast and other similar words of smite

January 28, 2008

yet again. I made something for myself and ruined it. Well not completely ruined just shrunk my cable heart cascade socks. They say on the ball band, machine washable at 30. I forgot to change the machine setting, now I have socks still. They are still very beautiful but now they will not fit me. I’m a UK size 6/7 now they will fit a UK 4/5. They look stunning felted, they are thick and toasty and like bed socks now. Just they dont fit me. Boo! Wail! le grand annoyance.

So I suppose they are up for dibbs*… I’m wondering if it should be friend, family, or random commenter. Just to prove I never fully got around to writing out the whole pattern Cable heart cascade chart. Go knock yourselves out, I’m sure you can all make ones even nicer than I did.

lets have one last look at those socks before they turned in to felted bed socks for small people…

Now you can see why I’m not promising myself any knitting for my own wedding. It would be disastrous.

*shout loud and proud. do you want them? tell me why..


one afternoon rose

January 27, 2008

wired ready for a bouquet. I’ve trimmed it up a little since then and it could do with a bit of needling all over to neaten it up. As a first try at what my bouquet will have inside I’m quite happy with it.

I’ve started a new pair of socks as requested but they appear to be taking twice as many rows as usual to fill each inch.

The party was a bit manic but great fun. There must have been over 50 people in my brothers house all at the same time, most of them under 2 foot tall.

Then the parking nightmare that was our driveway. Cannot be bothered with moaning about it now. lets just say our neighbours are idiots and are unaware of the law of access.


too much choice, and not enough inspiration

January 25, 2008

So here is the most part of my stash. Click on the image to go to the flickr page, it has notes on most of the images and also links underneath to the original images, which in some cases have even more notes.

Now i have all this stash for a reason. To knit with it. Except my inspiration has gone. I do love fondling all of it but I still want that hat scarf and gloves for myself. I’m just not quite sure what to start on, which yarn, which pattern. I am bereft of knitting mojo and it hurts. Please help, send patterns and consider that my fingers are going stiff with boredom the longer you take to make a comment.

I do owe my blog some images of the fluff that I got from yoyo the other day. The issue and my fair excuse for it not appearing yet is that I go to work and get home in darkness. By the time I’m home or before I leave for work its still not nice enough to take quality photos of the fluff to do it justice. Hopefully this weekend will give me the time and achieve this. Also as the knitting mojo has left me and decided to shack up with kate moss (god damn I hate her for even trying knitting) which is just so unfair! Please, she gets the looks, the money, the shape and the knitting? Still I’m rather happy knowing I’ve not got some of the notches on my bed post that shes got. Give or take Johnny Depp of course.

Anyway, we have a birthday party to attend on Saturday for the twins. That will be fun and also one we will attend late so we dont have 4 hours of dealing with around 10 to 20 2 year olds. Apart from that I would like to try and dedicate my weekend to felting and flower progress. At least that is something I can do that ms Moss can not. Ha take that! In your face! because I’m the better person

oh yes.


felt the learning…

December 3, 2007

I’m a create and learn type. I just keep trying things until I get the results I want.

To that end I have been making felt and trying to construct flowers I’ve not seen done before. I know it must be possible its just how.

On this first piece I have needle felted on to home made felt. Its shabby and terrible colours but it was learning how things layer up and how to apply felt to felt. It works well and now from this I can see how to create layers to build up shapes and styles.

I’ve made lots of different sheets of felt. The green was meant to integrate both colours a bit more but it failed. I had trouble with the fulling process but after using my bamboo rolling mat for sushi, it fixes that problem. The best two sheets here are the off white and the dark blue. The blue and white looks terrible on the blue side. Its not worked at all. This blue and the peach/white sheet both contain silk hankies which are small fine layers of silk placed in during the felting process.

I tried a flower by gathering one small length of fabric. The flower here is made up of two sheets of silk with some light blue merino sandwiched in between. Its cute but not all that.

The biggest flower I made. I love this one although when I put it together the outer layer is on the wrong way round. The purple layer also has a silk layer inside between dark and light purple merino.

Finally I relented and used some of the shop bought white felt to create this flower. By far this is the most successful and I think it may be the way forward. I would need to cut the correct shapes, needle felt the correct colour shadings on the petals and then form. Also it needs tying together, it wont hold on its own like hand made felt. I’m thinking I’m going to need some glue and also some florist wire to be able to stand these on their own stems. The green is home made and hand felted to the petals to hide any ties.

All in all, lots learned and I’m loving the process. Any suggestions on this would be gratefully accepted. I’m all up for a team effort on these.



November 25, 2007

lovely fiber came through the post via etsy today. I am in love with its smooshyness. I bought this:

and this:

Thanks to Fiberspace for the images. I’m very happy with my purchases. The colours are very accurate.

Then I popped to the knitting shop this morning on the off chance that they had got in the needles I asked for. They did. I now have 2 metal addi lace 2.5mm circulars and also 2 wood 3mm circulars. I also had all the luck because Norfolk Yarn also had felting needles and some super wonderful sock yarn I could not leave behind, a semi solid lipstick red

This afternoon and this evening have been knitting heaven with new needles. So very smooth, so very easy. stitches are falling off my needles. The peacock socks are already at the gusset. I really need to get some photos. Tomorrow I hope to start felting some of that stuff up there. I’m tempted to learn spinning but I’m scared of taking on another craft just yet. Felting comes first.