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March 26, 2010

I went awol.

So “recently” I told you about my birthday but it’s always followed the week after by Valentines, then the week after with Scotty’s birthday. Valentines weekend we hardly left the house (except the normal trip to St Clements to have  quick knit and chat with AM) and enjoyed lazing about and generally having some rest time which was nice.

Tuesday of the week after I had an extra day off because it was half term and finally my lovely sister and I went to Sprowston Manor for our pamper day. We sauna’d ,we steamed, we swam and had a massage. Oh and we were ladies what lunch too. Most decadent and worth it entirely. A wonderful day. Once my sister and I were thoroughly relaxed she gave me a lift home. I had a couple of hours left to kill before Scotty came home so I plied off my singles to clear the bobbins on the spinning wheel.

Saturday Scotty and I went out for his birthday and decided on a big curry lunch. It was rather nice but I suffered with bloating after. Sunday we visited the family and enjoyed time with all of them.

The week after, which is why I went awol for so long, we departed these hallowed lands for sunnier climes. Our holiday to Spain was lovely. On the Saturday we drove to Stanstead and had a concierge service with the car. Must admit this was wonderful instead of taking the train we had already booked before they decided to put works on the line.

Once abroad we drove to the villa supplied by the lovely work colleague at the barnados auction. Its her own house and in a private gated community on the spanish east coast south of Alicante. The house itself was divine, the location, meh, not so much. There were beaches and nice to visit but it was very much ex-pat country and because of the time of year we went, it was calm and quiet but the people there were all english or irish and lived locally and all went to their respective national pubs of an evening. It was also difficult finding authentic spanish food but we did eventually.

On the 2nd day of our trip we managed to burst the hire car tyre which meant taking the vehicle back to the airport and paying a fine. So we decided to stay local to Alicante which is where we found some fabulous tapas and a large department store where we wondered around and eventually bought a manu chao CD for playing in the hire car.

Half the holiday was great weather. The other half we had mainly cloud and wind but it felt very cold (for spain) but still 10 degrees hotter than blighty at the same time of year. One of the evenings the rain was torrential to the point that it was creating rivers on the roads and any steps turned in to beautiful cascades.

One of the main points I got the villa was that the colleague who it belongs to said it had cats. Yes real pet cats. They belonged to the neighbours or in one case a stray. Over the week we saw 5 or 6 cats but regularly had 3 visiting the house. Ginger lived next door but did not take to me. Scotty got to give him a couple of scritches but he was not really friendly to us.

bandito and fastcat
This was Bandito the stray who would not be touched at all. Shame really because he really could have done with a vets visit if you know what I mean for a big boy. He came all the way to my knee to eat directly out of that food bowl but would not be caught. I tried to tame him but with only a week I was unable to gain his trust. The cat at the front we named Fast cat. She was funny. She came, she went and never slowly. Ran up our stairs, around your legs and back out again. She meowed for food in the kitchen and was your bestest friend when you fed her. It was lovely to have cats on holiday but it did just remind me how thoroughly wonderful Otis and Jasper are, mainly because they know us and we know them and their ways.

By the end of the week we were ready to come home and rather than wait I managed to drive in Spain, fly home and drive back in England from Stanstead to Norwich. Once home the house felt empty so rather than spend Sunday getting the cats I got back out there and went to pick up the cats. It meant that we all had a lovely day at home before the madness of the old routine kicked back in.

Except I took an extra day off because I didn’t have time before the holiday to get the house sorted out. I spent the entire of the Monday after the holiday cleaning until I gave myself a sore arm. Chasing around cat fur tribbles on our carpet really does give you arm ache.

All in all we had a great trip and enjoyed it muchly. Oh and all my other holiday pictures all taken with my iccle cannon ixus point and shoot are HERE. Enjoy!



November 9, 2009

So after the Friday at the knit and stitch show we saw the family on Saturday whilst delivering kitties to their holiday destination of choice Country cats of Briston. It was a brief trip but lovely.

Sunday late we flew from Norwich to Edinburgh, jumped on a bus and wheeled our shared suitcase round to the posh hotel. Arriving after 10 ish we settled in to the big 42 inch telly, the king size bed and relaxed ready to see the sights the next day.

Monday was lovely. The weather was great and we started out very early and took a long walk down princes street. One minor issue is the entire upheaval of princes street to install a tram system. Still we found Pret, one of my favorite places to eat and got ourselves some breakfast underneath the view of the castle.

Edinburgh Castle

We walked and walked, all around the back of the castle and up to the castle and as we had tweeted where we were a friend contacted us and said meet up for lunch. We realized it was too late to start a tour of the castle if we were going to meet our friend. So instead we walked back down to the park and grabbed a cup of tea in the national gallery. Met up with CA and went to fishers for lunch. Their Fresh fish is divine. After a lovely lunch we went back for a nap and out to veggie restaurant for dinner David Bann’s.

Tuesday we stomped up to the castle nice and early to take the tour. Got to see the Scottish crown jewels and lots of cool castley stuff. We stayed for lunch and listened to the gun fire at 1pm, and watched the Nelson monument ball drop which entertained me more than the gun. After walking around for hours we headed back to the hotel for a  swim sauna and steam. We had the pool to ourselves so it was rather nice indeed.  The evening was filled with the cinema where we went to watch UP in 3D. I loved it, its well worth seeing and I’d go and see it again, but I think I’ll just buy it on Blue Ray.

After the movie the weather outside turned a bit nasty so we hunkered down in the hotel bar which had a good chill out area a few cocktails were quaffed (MOHIITOOO!) and we retired to our chambers.

Wednesday we were already tired out. So to take it easy we headed to the Edinburgh bus tour.The explanations via the audio were great and quite entertaining. Scotty chose not to listen but to take photos, so I kept updating him with little potted items that probably didn’t make much garbled sense cos I was still trying to listen. After a good route around the city avoiding princes street we got back to the beginning and stopped in town for a pizza lunch and some shopping. I managed to get a new pair of trousers, a new dress for work and a shirt for work too. HOORAH! I’m not the best at clothes shopping and need female company usually to get it right.

Thursday we visited what I like to call folly central. Calton hill. It was quite a steep climb but well worth looking around the monuments.

Edinburgh National Monument

Enjoying a cracking view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Next on the must see list was the National Gallery of Scotland. Beautiful art in a great building. I’m sure we didn’t see it all but we enjoyed what we did see. A quick trip to the shop was in order to buy haggis for the family. A bus ride back to the airport and our short trip to Edinburgh was over.

Lovely. Oh and one last thing: Scotty’s panorama from the castle in LARGE. watch out its very big indeed.