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on a cold and frosty morning

December 12, 2007

I’ve been having a few more weird dreams lately. It usually means something in my life is unsettled. I’d say its the fact I’ve still done no Christmas shopping at all.

Despite having strange dreams about boats and sand and sun and adventures in such places when it turns to around minus 4 at night, I’ve woken quite cheery this morning. I wondered about getting out the camera because the sun was so bright but I left it at home so I’m going to have to describe my walk to work instead of show you images. It was mighty frosty and a touch icy. I did slip a little but not enough to fall over.

The rooftops were all white but with a sharpness that comes with frost instead of snow. I’m still crossing everything to get the snow this winter. I so love snow and I want it very much. Thing is in Norfolk you need a specific weather condition of north winds and precipitation coming from Norway for us to get snow. So yeah lots of sharp frost. I’m very happy I dried my hair after a shower so it gave me yet another layer of warmth. The sun sparkled where it hit the frost and step by step I could see rooftops melting off leaving the shape of other rooftops where the sun had been. Getting further in to the city the castle can be seen just on the ramparts from a distance. It was shrouded not in a fog but a steamy mist that shone in the sun and made it look like a fairy tale that you just wanted to walk in to. Also the arts school and some churches were all layered in the warming up of the city. Most spectacular and right now I’m gutted I did not want the weight of the camera to come to work. Next time I’ll get it. Next time.

The socks for my sister are still around 6 rows from being complete. I’ve found the cold is playing havock with my hands in two ways. One, my knuckles and fingers ache more. I find after a few rows of knitting I want to put it down because I use my fingers and hands all day to type and fix things, sometimes they just need a rest.

Also I have snaggy skin around my finger nails. If I use any detergents to do cleaning or washing ( including felt making ) I get sore cuticles and patches of skin on the sides of my thumbs which lift, dry and cause small cuts. They are impossible to live with and pulling them off is even worse. A bit like an eczema but not quite, more of a dermatitis. Last night to combat the cold getting another layer of skin off my rather sore and snaggy fingertips I doused them in around 3 or 4 layers of thickly spread intensive moisturiser. Put on a pair of cotton gloves and went to sleep. I know I woke up in the night and took them off because I found them on the floor this morning. My hands feel lots better but I think I need to do this twice a week while its cold, otherwise abstain from all cleaning and felt making and washing for the foreseeable future. I don’t think I’m going to get away with that, so slap on the moisturiser it is, and hope that Scotty does not ever call me MJ for wearing white gloves in bed again. HUGE turn off.



October 20, 2007

just got in, had a LOVELY day out and heard that Erasmus is getting better, he’s not well yet but his leg is getting warmer and has not died so therefore they are keeping him in for a few days, and hopefully he will get totally well and come home.


now I’ve had a cup of tea and sat down for a bit I can go in to a little more detail. Erasmus is likely to be on a low dose of aspirin  for the rest of his days to keep his blood thin. Apart from that I think we were very very lucky and I was ready for the very worst case situation. Now my heart has lightened.

I went to London today with my mum and my sister. I’ve had a great time and stomped about looking at fabrics and going round libertys  and hamleys.  We managed to get the dress silk for my wedding dress. Most spectacular and delicate and prosh. (propper posh). I tried on corsets and made some big choices.


the antipoop

October 8, 2007

so Saturday was a late rise and a bimble about doing some basic homely tasks and some knitting and lots of watching telly. By the end of the day I had an early night and wanted to make sure I did something Sunday so that the weekend was not lost to another day on the sofa.

Around 11.30 we left the house for a stomp around mouse hold heath, not far from our house but lots of lovely woods.

There was lots to see so we just kept walking and walking and taking photos

We saw greens and browns through every shade, lots of mushrooms and even the Jay that visited our neighbours garden last week. This time I got a better look at him, and I’m mighty glad I used the big zoom lens.

It was great for getting things just out of reach of most lenses and stretches. I was a little disappointed with the mushroom images I took. Instead take a look at Scotty’s photos, he used the 50mm lens which was stunning for all those close ups. Instead of going home we walked nearly all the way down gurney hill. Along river side and stopped for lunch at the Thai on the river floating boat restaurant. Very tasty and quite a varied menu.

We took our time over eating and after working up such an appetite we even managed puddings. LOVELY they were too. You just cant beat hot steamy chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce. *drools*

After eating so much we felt like just getting a cab home but no, instead we took a stomp in to town, through the mall to get some coffee beans, out the other side up to the market to get a cab home. We waited, no cabs. We gave up and walked to the bus stop and cab rank on toomb land. No bus, no cabs. *sigh* after a good sit down we decided to keep walking towards home. Finally after getting to Anglia square the bus arrived and we hopped on, only two stops from home.

I really enjoyed the day. Yeah it may not have been too productive in the house cleaning front, or getting the garden done, or a million other things I should be doing. What it did do was let me release from all that, clear out all the cobwebs in my little brain of bear. (those who know me well enough often call me teddy bear, it goes well with my real name) Plus it let me think of nothing, just enjoy the moments as they passed. I wish more days could be spent like this, with no aim, just exploring.

oohh gmaps pedometer, I can show you just how far we walked! Damn I could swear it was longer than that.


more happened than I can write about

September 11, 2007

Last night was an absolute blast. There were canapes (add the thingy to the e yourself I’m too tired to figure it out) and wine and I met my colleague. I went on two rides over at the Walt Disney studios. If you do end up at Disney Paris and need to know which are the best roller coasters aerosmith ride and finding nemo ride are the two best out there. I went on nemo twice then ran to the other and went on that 3 times then came back and went on nemo twice again. Very very enjoyable and entertaining.

To make sure I got enough rest I was back at the hotel by 11.15 hoping to get a good nights kip. This time it was not to be, I’ve had really weird and down right scary dreams before but it has been a long long time since the last time. I think a mix of the rich food and running around and adrenaline from the rides left me all of a twitter and unable to rest. When I did manage to get to sleep I had the most horrendous nightmares where I was stuck on a bus going round Norwich city centre, all of it all back to front and we could not get off the bus. This is me and a bunch of people I needed to help. I had to watch each of them fail their tasks and die in quite horrible ways even with my help, crushed by trees, limbs lost and general maiming. Yeah that vivid. Then the bus crashed and I was mangled. I remember trying to shout and scream and I woke myself up making a shout that eventually fought out from my dream in to reality. I was shouting in my sleep, this I have found I can do consciously, keep trying to scream until I make a sound which jolts me out of sleep and into consciousness. Its like fighting a gag.

I was hot then cold then hot then cold. Eventually I managed to get back to sleep and it all started over again. Finally I got to my goal of getting home to Scotty and found him there saying he’s glad I never caught him with another woman. He was naked in bed and the other woman walked out of the bathroom naked too and they started getting it on in front of me. Thing is, this particular woman is a great friend of mine and Scott has never ever found her “attractive” although he thinks she’s a nice friend. Same goes for her of him. I think it hurt more because I know he does not want to be like that with her, it felt like a sword in my chest that he did not want me any more. I woke up bolt upright in a bout of sweat. This was around 4.30am and due to being alone in my hotel room I decided it was wise to watch 10 minutes telly and try and dislodge my mind from its destructive cycle. I did get back to sleep but it has wrecked me for today, so I am working and well but tonight I will not be going out to party, I will be spending the time in my room knitting if possible, using that to relax and put me in a meditative state before sleeping. I know it will help.

I have had dreams like this before but not for a lot of years. It kinda freaks me out a little that my mind can put the most vivid sickening and painful images and feelings in my head, my words cant do them justice. The one thing I needed and wanted at 4am was my Scotty and it nearly had me in tears that he was in another country and I couldn’t call or see him.

All is better now anyway and work is still good. I will make sure I rest properly this evening and not go running around throwing myself at theme park rides.

Here have last nights photos:


I’ve packed

September 9, 2007

and I have less than an hour left before I go. That bubbly tummy stressed feeling is washing over me wondering if I have everything I need and dreading the travel. I’ll be fine when I get there but today more than most other journeys I’ve taken, I have a not so good feeling about it. No idea why…. it may be partly due to being given little or no instruction on my job role when I get there but I suspect it will be very similar to last year.

Really I’m fed up with the waiting and the feeling of did I get everything done? am I ready? I want to think of other things. I want to see beyond this week but for now it is all I can cope with.

remind me when I get back to get my car serviced, take erasmus to the vet and to cheer up! I should be happy of the challenge.

Oh we made it out to my parents new house yesterday, its great. A lovely location and a relaxing place although it needs lots of work I think they are looking forward to it. My brother is House Hell. The plumbers fitted an illegal oil tank. He’s got to get the lawyers involved and ofstead. I really do feel for him and wish I could be of more help. Its my sisters and nieces birthday this weekend too but they are away. I’ll see them all next weekend. I delivered presents to my parents for them, and chutney for all. I have no more chutney to give away now.


returned from festival, washed, rested and enjoying comforts

July 24, 2007

Eastern Haze was fab. Saw loads of people I know and enjoyed lots of very good music. Got muddy, sat around a lot and even knitted a few rows. I’m lightly sunburned on my neck even though I spent most of the weekend under an umbrella for shade.

We pitched our tent with some friends we met via Flickr (vvt), although we arrived on Friday during driving rain. We managed to put up the tent with help in sideways rain and wind and amazingly it dried out on the inside in no time. We stomped off in to the main event for the evening where we found there were LARGE volumes of mud. Mainly unavoidable I soaked my trainers through to the skin. We left early after hearing a few songs from the block heads including Trevor. My feet just could not take any more wetness. Luckily I brought a 2nd pair of shoes with me, even if they are just flip flops it was a prudent choice. I must get myself some wellies.

So on to Saturday, we slept well and in to the morning, all the fresh air and walking and dancing put us out cold as soon as we lay back in the tent. Now I must explain we are kings of comfort, we have posh air beds which self inflate, several blankets, sleeping bags and pillows. Also the tent is a 4 man tent just for the two of us and is a perfect geodesic dome. I’m still yet to see any other campers with the same orange and blue tent as us. I still love it and I’m yet to have a really bad nights sleep in it even in driving rain.

We also have a silver plastic mat. Just an off cut of around 1.5 meters of plastic coated fabric which is a god send for any camping. We put it down plastic side on any wet ground and we can sit in the dry. The weather did dry up a fair bit which is why I have a tan now but still the ground was damp and there was more rain so still some areas were very gooey and hard to walk through. Picture it now, Scotty and I lazing about in nice weather, me knitting, him lazing sitting near some good music and just enjoying some relaxing time. I did get my bayerische out several times but nobody asked any questions about knitting which was a bit sad. I suppose festival goers have seen it all before.

On to the music, there were two fields of music this year. The dance field with the reggae tent was very very muddy, although we did see some cracking acts including Zion Train. They had a live horn section which really made it entertaining. I had to stand outside after a bit after being kicked with muddy boots several times. By this point the trainers were back on but with bin bags inside to keep my feet dry. After stomping about the dancy sections for a bit we moved on to the main stage waiting for the Ozric tentacles to start. We went past the rap and MC stage. Now not normally my cup of tea I cant normally stand chavvy types bigging up themselves with too much jewelery and an obnoxious chip on their shoulder. There was something I heard which made me wonder over. Petebox was playing live. When he did a bobby Mcferin track and the pink panther in beat box it really really was entertaining. He layered up sounds using a foot pedally thing which was extremely impressive.

The whole weekend was great fun. We relaxed and enjoyed it all not even bothered by the mud, although doing the washing now is entertaining. I think I need a new pair of trainers. We packed up quite early on Sunday afternoon but not until we spent some time with my mate Andy whilst he took a drumming session in the kids area. He’s a pro drummer and has some fantastic talent on most drums. He helped out by leading the drums on a kids parade. Once he gets his drum out everyone else joins in and follows along :). Please visit his link “Drue” on the right, he does Djembe re-skinning and other drumming training and workshops for kids. Here have some photos, what we could manage to take without getting the camera muddy.

and one from scotty too:


hen night was fab

June 30, 2007

Photos are up here:

I went to Cambridge on Friday for work. Was very busy and met a friend for lunch, went to the pub and sat in the garden. Whilst D was getting drinks half way through food the heavens opened and I had to abandon the food and dash indoors. Most exciting.

The Hen night comedy club went on till nearly 11.30 which is late for me on a school night. There were 3 comedians and one compare. Loads of swearing but some quite funny content, I wouldn’t take my parents but I would go again. Then getting up early next morning to drive to Cambridge done tuckered me right out. Even to the point that I was reading my google reader local news feeds and thought I saw this: harry hill being made in to a statue in Norwich. Of course its not… but I think we now need one.

Also found this Holy cow web cam via the bbc news

knitting today and done some shopping, nothing too exciting 🙂


things what I saw

June 19, 2007

whilst driving/traveling to and from southampton and around and about I saw lots of strange things

badgers, yes my first ever real live badgers. They were at the golf club late at night. I asked for our lift to go back so we could see them again and we could not. They were one adult and two kids snuffling about.

a Deer, a whole big one, right infront of the car. Same place further down the road than the badgers. We had to stop to let it past.

cows, pigs, sheeps, the usual road side fauna in fields.

a convoy of vespas but not that many, near thetford.

a convoy of VW camper vans. about 10 of them with several original split screen jobbies. They were lovely.
Police hard shoulder escort near heathrow. several police bikes, two police cars and a funky mercedes with flashing blue lights underneath the normal headlights. Must have been someone important.

LOADS of rain, spray & wetness. More rain than you can splash out of a swimming pool.

oh and why are my caulis in the back garden not flowering? they are growing big but just leaves at the moment.


personal space

June 18, 2007

Although I’m completely recovered now tiredness and long journeys make me cranky. On Saturday on the way back we stopped off for the second time at Stanstead service area. I dislike them at the best of times, full of aimless people bumbling around too busy looking at the wall to move across two inches so that you can walk past.

By now I bet you can picture the scene, tired, hungry, nursing a lurking hangover and minimal sleep from a hotel bed for two days I needed hot food so burger king it was. I stood in the queue waiting and a large man with his two daughters stood behind me. Now I’m not the sort to go off the rails, I move side ways, round or stick my elbows out to create a smidgen of personal space. I tried all these normal tactics to create at least 6 inches between me and those near me. I like my personal space. I know if I have that space nobody is picking my pockets or trying to sniff me. This guy with his girls, was over 6 foot 4 and had a huge gut. He poked it out, came up as close behind me as he could and shouted at his kids about chewing gum NOT BUBBLE GUM. etc… when he brushed me for around the 5th time even though I had avoided him as much as possible I flipped. Luckily at this point Scott was the other end of the services getting water. I span round and splurged out a fast sharp rant of “will you please give me just a little bit of personal space” My arms flew about and he backed off. The queue moved and I got well out of his way. I wanted to scream, punch, slap and say something like “what you F*ing trying to publicly rape me in front of your kids? can you be any more disgustingly slimy rude obnoxious putrid and creepy? I can feel your voice via you touching me let alone hear the booming sh*te coming from your offensive down right ugly cake hole”

Yet I don’t. I never do, I calm down, move on and have strange nightmares about being oppressed. Today I went around tescos to get the shopping and it was a mere breeze in comparison to the service station. Not just because I’m less tired and generally not stressed from driving. I am amazed at how uptight and what I really wanted to say wanted to be so offensive. I really do think there are some completely insensitive creeps out there who can offend anybodies sensibilities just by breathing. He may be nice but for that moment he was everything I wanted to hate in the world. A very odd moment and one I hope not to repeat. I think it helps that I usually spend most of my life in a nice routine of safeness knowing whom and when I interact with people. I may be more controlled than I look, its for my safety and maybe even yours 😉

oh and my car now reads 010101 on the miles traveled. Binarytastic.


stunning wedding

June 17, 2007

So Scotty and I went down to Southampton on Thursday, the journey was long rainy and a bit stop and start but we made it there fine. Popped in to see his parents and went back to the hotel. Took it easy the next morning and slowly got ready.

The whole event was delightful, classy and gentle, we went to Scott’s parents house to start with and I made a cuppa for his mum, the groom (his brother) and the best man, introduced to me as Fooksey. I straightened ties and pinned on flowers. Then off to the church. Amazingly the groom was entirely composed and not even a bead of sweat crossed his brow. Bret and Clare were married with their daughter Freya clinging to their legs, so very cute. Scotty has put some pictures up:

Click on image to go to photo set on flickr.

After the simple classy service the weather broke and some blue sky and sun turned up just in time for photos outside the church. We sloped off back to the hotel to get a cab to the reception at the golf club. The room for the reception was lovely, light and simple wooden beamed room. The food was fabulous, as was the atmosphere, quite a few small children kept the atmosphere lively and fun and relaxed. I met some more of Scott’s family which was great. As most weddings should be, fun was had by all. I like many consumed way too much booze and had trouble trying to sleep it off.

Saturday morning was spent mostly asleep with a brief visit to the free breakfast to make sure I was sober enough to drive. The Journey back to Norwich was 5 hours with more rain. Overall a wonderful break and great to see folks. Spent the rest of Saturday recovering from driving.