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nano nano nano nano nano *parka-batman*

September 18, 2007

ok so I thought after doing sooooo much overtime and stuff I deserved a treat. although it ended up as 2 or 3 treats, but you know. I deserve a break from it all sometimes.

1, posh yarn arrived. it is beautiful. I’ve left it at home and brought the camera to work so sorry, no yarn porn today. Alhtough I do need to double check and update ravelry, my stash is out of date and needs to be corrected. Then I need my hands tied behind my back so I cant buy any more yarn.

2, I bought a new ipod nano. I canot extol its vertues enough. I love it, its my new best friend and so wonderful. I will knit a cozy for it at some point but right now I have to tuck it in my bra to make sure I don’t let it hang loose when listening to pod casts etc. I’m amazed at the quality on screen and the small file sizes for the video. I can fit on the entire series of heroes and a couple of films and still have room for a few mini vids of erasmus playing and a few tunes and a few podcasts. 8Gig is just LOVELY.

3, Did I mention I’d finished the Bayerishce mitts? I’ve woven in the ends. I can see where I’ve made mistakes and they are not quite the same but still overall they are a great work and I’ve proven I can stick with cables even when they make my knuckles turn in directions I never thought possible. I’m not sure I ever want to do 2mm cabling again that was a bit mental.

  Please click the image to see the other two pics.


sun shiney day

September 12, 2007

This morning is busy but the weather is fine. Last night I bailed out of any activities and went and sat on the mound near the lake and knitted. I saw the family who traveled with me to Disney and they were having a great time. As it got too dark I moved to a bench under a lamp, then as it got too cold I moved to my room. The relaxing peace just made my day and I slept well. It made me realise that the beds are quite comfortable and the pillows here are good too, for a hotel. oh and yes, I’m super picky when it comes to pillows. I cant stand feather.

This afternoon I’m still hoping for some time alone so I can get my personal development work done. You know the sort of stuff where you write about yourself and say how wonderfully you do your job.

The bayerische mitts are about || that far from being completed. I have around 10 rows of thumb to complete then weave in the ends. I want to show the world but where I am now is not really suitable to show off my knitting talents. Instead I think if I do get chance I’ll crack on with a pair of socks. If only I could decide on a pattern.


enjoyment and recovery

September 3, 2007

Friday night we had some friends stay over. Only 3 which is about all we can cope with. It was nice, once they got to our house we went out and got a curry in town then came home to drink more. Erasmus was pure entertainment the whole time and he has gained more fans. He just appears to perform for guests, jumping in and out of a bag and mewing on command. He knows when he’s the star of the show. All friends left with a jar of chutney. we’re getting down it now, and I just cant resist not letting people leave without something to remember us by!

Saturday was beer recovery day. I knitted and got some washing done.

Sunday I cooked and did some more washing and knitting. Also went to tescos on an empty stomach. Oh dear. I’ve bought all the wrong things and they are DELICIOUS… there goes the lb’s back on I lost. *sigh*  We were going to go see mum and dad at thier new house but after ironing 7 shirts and doing all the rest of the general stuff that NEEDED doing we ran out of time. What we did do was cook marrow, now I do like stuffed marrow but I didn’t fancy that. What I can reccomend is small chunks breadcrumbed and fried. That with chutney goes down great.

/start knitting content

The bayerische mitts are coming along nicely. If I get time I may finish them soon. One is now complete with thumb. I’m very impressed with the end product. I had to get creative with the top of the glove and with the thumb. The top is a mirror of the increases at the bottom with decreases instead and the thumb may not be explainable. I sort of picked up stitches to fill holes and made it up as I went along to achieve something that does not look out of place. I casted off as loose as I could to allow movement in the top and I may have done it just a little too loose but it still looks great. The thumb is cast off just right although I would if repeating still have two more stitches in the round than I finished because it becomes quite a tight fit.

I started listening to a pod cast on knitting. I looked them up on itunes and Brenda of cast on is an absolute scream. I wanted to start at the beginning and it has been a bit strange hearing about Christmas 2004 on my walk in to work. I have on several occasions burst out laughing in public whilst walking. Trying to compose myself, I’m sure I look like a complete loon but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a light hearted look at knitting. I also listened all the way round the supermarket the other day and it made the whole shopping experience much better. Brenda appears to be the most downloaded on itunes, this is why I chose her. I will start looking at others but not until I’ve got a bit more up to date with hers.

/stop knitting content

This week is officially now 7 years in the same job. Make from this what you will: *itch itch*


lovely lovely days off

July 25, 2007

Yesterday was spent at home. I made sure all the washing was done and sat around wanting to be productive. I took the plunge and knowing I’ve not got the best sewing skills in the world I took my dress making scissors to my most expensive silk sari. Now it sounds rash, but it sat there for many a year gathering dust and an initial pay out of £50 was quite a bargain in the UK for 5 metres of strong rose pink heavy silk with silver border. I was scared to cut it before but using it was better than it just gathering dust.

I cut 4 peices of Isosceles trapezoid (think whole leg length) to sew together and cut off the top edge which had all the detail. It turned it in to a wrap skirt, and I used the rest of the silver edging for a wide waist band. Now even I’m in awe of how nice it has turned out. There are issues with it because I don’t have an over locker I had to double sew all the seams to fold in all the fraying edges. They wont come out now. Its not pretty on the inside but nobody sees the inside. I used the bottom hem of the sari to use as the bottom hem of the skirt saving me several hours of sewing. I’m so happy with the result I wore it to work today. I’ve had lots of lovely comments about it, but mostly its because the silk is something increadably special that it came out nice. Its one thing I don’t want to repeat though because silk shifts teribly when sewing it. Thank goodness mum gave me a good tip years ago to help it all work; Iron it first, iron in all your creases and folds then it will hold.

I suppose now you need a photo to prove it. I’ll get Scotty to take some when I get home from work and I’ll update this post.(edit) we have photos!

In other news I knitted some more bayerische. They are deffo mits now and not socks, and looking mighty fine too!

shame about the stabby bits…

Oh and anyone want to pull some skin off me? the backs of my shoulders are peeling where I didn’t have coverage. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling off a sheet of skin, or squeezing spots. I’m fussy which spots I do squeeze but damn they are fun.

One last thing, I LOVE our cat. He was so pleased to see us when we got back. Last night after spending the day with him he decided at bed time he would tell us a story and would not stop squeaking, not meowing. Little squeaks all punctuated and almost like propper words. He was sad as I left this morning and I just wish we could take him to work with us. He would make the best office cat ever.


quantum sockmathics, you bastard would be proud*

June 26, 2007

I promised knitting updates, it may be a little tardy but here it is:

1, Pacific silk scarf

This border and the main pattern are individual items from Victorian Lace Today. A stunning book. I’ve knitted up the scarf on 5.5cm needles, addi turbos are quite fantastic. Its a size or two larger than the pattern requests but as its silk it would not have any stretch unless I went up a size.

My aim for this is to try and block it after completing and mount on a plain double thick silk cloth, something that will complement it, or at least not detract from the pattern. Also having it sewn on to fabric will make sure the pattern holds out. I think the border would be best hanging loose at the bottom of the fabric. we’ll see. My talents at sewing are quite minimal so it may be all a practice in frustration rather than achievement.

Over all I’m quite happy with it, it won’t be ripped out. I just have to keep Erasmus away from that wooden needle. He’s desperate to chew on it. which would be followed by an epic NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! of star-wars Darth Vader proportions.

Now on to Bayerische… I’m happy with these. they look great, the knitting gets easier on them, although I’m still not quite sure what to do, socks or mits, socks or mits, mocks or sh…. maybe not.

As you can see here there is quite a lot of wool left. I must admit I’m not that far on. I’m hedging my bets and I do have another slightly lighter ball in waiting ready to transfer on to. At least with all the changes in colour it may not make any difference with a new lighter ball. As you can see here the roving is more white on right one and more pink on the left. I’ve given up thinking this is an issue. This is what using variegated colours is about.

I hear you’re starting to ask the question though, what is quantum sockmathics and why do you mention it?

well I think its best I write down what I want to do, and why not here rather than anywhere else. I’m doing the maths right here and now, so here’s hoping its followable and useful to others.

I’m using 2mm dpn’s for the whatevers.

one needle weighs: *gets out digi scales* 1.6g, that means per sock 3 needles are: 4.8g

Sock 1, the bigger of the two weighs: 17.2g

sock 2, the smaller weighs: 15.4g (exactly 2 repeats of pattern)

Now remove the 4.8g (3 needles) from each sock: 12.4g and 10.6g respectively

Weight of the remaining ball of yarn is……. wait for it 64.2g

Add all the yarny bits together. 87.2g.

The ball is 400 yards each item should be 200 yards and 43.6g

to figure out what percentage of each sock I have completed…

(12.4 x 100) /43.6 = 28.4% complete on sock 1. That also means I’ve only knitted just around 56.8 YARDS of yarn on the larger of the two socks.

To be honest, its not worth working out the other sock.

This leads me to believe that I should be able to get both socks done on the same ball of wool. I have just compared the sock 1 to my foot and it almost completes 1/3. I’ts going to be a tight squeeze but maybe I’ll just keep knitting and see what happens. I am dreading the point of turning a heel, which I have very little experience of, and finding I cant squeeze it on my foot. If this happens expect swearing shouting ripping and a pair of small wrist warmers.

* reference to all those terry pratchet readers out there.


lazy lazy day

May 26, 2007

and I’ve knit so much bayerische I’m almost cross eyed. Made another strange smoothie, took a couple of photos because one of the flowers have popped in the garden. I’ll upload later.

Erasmus has been super cute chasing a rubber toy around the house, he even fetches things from downstairs now, although he has a nasty penchant for knocking things off the arms of the chair. More room for his fat bum.

Anyhew I plan to relax in to the evening and go and see the clan tomorrow.

My friend dominocat has some very cute cats that meow for food, take a look see. 



May 25, 2007

Well I didn’t make it to the knitting group last night. I was waaay to tired. Instead of driving over to the forum and getting knitting I just sat there on the sofa instead, knitting.

The other yarn I ordered to match the bayerische sock does not match close enough for my liking. I love the new yarn but instead the bayerische are going to be changed in to mitts. I’ve started on the other end of the same ball to get the same amount of knitting done so I can then measure how big the mitts can be. It just gives me more stash now to do more things with. My aims this weekend are to knit like a daemon and make sure all my stash is up to date on ravelry.

Today I’ve got a cracking head ache, I hope it goes soon. I’ve got my new computer at work and I’m using it to fix someone else’s computer.

here have some photos to cheer you up:

tasty drinkage

Thats pineapple pear and melon smoothie


some of the plants in our garden. At the moment we have LOADS of herbs, some spring onions that have not popped up yet and 6 purple cauliflowers and 6 Romanesque cauliflowers. I need to pot the cauliflowers on but I’m a bit low on pots and space… I’ll keep you informed of progress.

One last thing, a big WHOOOHOO! because its a bank holiday here in the UK, which means a 3 day weekend. And relax *melts*


I’ve been taking on a knitting challenge

May 21, 2007

Bayerische Socks


by the lovely Eunny Jang. An amazingly talented woman.

But am I using yarn that is too complicated, would they look better as mitts rather than socks? I’ll just keep knitting and hope I make my mind up.

This is slow progress. Many of the stitches are cables and most are alternated between purl and knit to back of loop. The only time I can knit this is in full day light. So its definitely a long term project. Thisis why I wonder if it will be better as mitts, easier to complete and would look great with a matching hat….