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making a pattern.

May 12, 2010

Remember this?

baby blanket front

Now I’ve finally decided that at least with knitting patterns you make it once properly and then sell on copies. I am hoping that at least if I can create a small arsenal of these it will be the basis for creating and making that I can enjoy without getting completely bored. I’m no publisher, my main line of work is IT so at least I can apply the tools of my trade to getting this in to something readable and nice. What I have done though is write this up.

Now I love this pattern and I’m not sure where I stand on a few items including copyright of the original cables and how to get it published without offending any previous designer and or the cable creators. I can say in this instance most of these cables came from a knitting book, a stitch dictionary type book but not ALL of it. Also I created the miter sections myself so that each cable starts correctly on the miter to sit properly within the pattern.

Over on “The Rav” (ravelry) as I like to call it, I went to the test knitters discussion pool and posted a request. Sorry if you can’t get to that link, ravelry is a sign in type site because of the vast content hosted inside. If you are at all interested in the crafts of knitting, spinning, crochet or weaving you should know about it and have an account. So anyway, I posted a request and I was surprised by the vast response to the request. I did this yesterday and I already have what I like to call MINIONS. I know it sounds mean but they are doing my bidding. *cackles evilly* These lovely 5 people are getting this pattern for free whilst they test knit and prove if my charting and pattern writing skills are fully tested.

I want to charge for this pattern mainly because it’s the biggest best knit I’ve created so far. I want it to be something special for other people too. I’ll try to keep you informed on how it goes. For now, if you know anything about publishing, copyright or what really needs to be in that pattern that I may have missed, I would really appreciate hearing from you. It’s all new territory for me and I’m not the sort of person who wants to tread on anyones toes making this.


Laminaria how I love thee.

May 11, 2010

Yeah, I know I have a ton of projects on the go. BUT I had a moment, one of those moments where I saw wool, saw pattern and they wanted to make love. I used up 1 of these 3 balls and about 10 yards of the next ball but Laminaria was the way it was meant to be.

lace weight

It took me exactly two weeks and 3 days to complete, wash and block the shawl. I was wearing it the very next day. I meant to blog about this for some time but I was too busy being REALLY smug about what I achieved.

Laminaria finito!

A quick trip out in to our back yard and I tried to snap a few photos of myself.



Pattern notes: I mussed up one of the sssk type things and did a different stitch. I don’t think it detracts, I did the same stitch throughout so it looks like there are no mistakes. I’ve already had several people tell me they love it and it’s not meant to be kept by me. Even my lovely big sister said she wants one EXACTLY the same. This is one of the few knits I’d love to knit again. The make 9 from 3 stitch appears to be a bind but at least you don’t have to knit more than 3 together in to one stitch. Now I get to wear my entirely blue collection of clothes with a lovely hand knit too! I am SO smitten.



June 10, 2009

I love em… well the sleeping sort but the title refers to the knits in progress. *small ripple of applause in anticipation*

OK I need to add photos later I just found I’ve got NONE. oops. EDIT well I took some crappy photos but cant upload at work.


a simple set of two at a time on two circular needles toe up socks. except I’m using 3 colours the grumperina way. these are looking lovely but I’m scared I’m going to run out of yellow. I’m sure they will be fine. These have now been bagsied by my lovely sister in law. I’ve tried to give her lace and unless I can find just the right thing these socks will go well in the huge barn they live in. Cosy and comfy.

2, Baby Blanket

My work colleague and friend Lynsey is currently incubating a new life in herself and is doing well. I am amazed at how organized she is and how she’s got everyone to do something for her, including me which is where the baby blanket comes in. I asked what she would like and the answer came back: natural creams and browns and beige’s please. Oh and cables. Now I think baby blankies should be square. cables, on squares are fine except I’ve got 4 balls of wool and I’ve no idea if they are going to complete a square if I started knitting straight. Then I also HATE sewing knitting together. So, lets get complicated because where’s the fun if its too easy? I’ve started at the center and add two stitches each side of the square to form a triangle Then I inserted a cable right from the center so all 4 sides have a cable coming out from the middle. I’ve not seen anyone else do a blanket like this so hopefully I will be able to write it up as a pattern when I’ve completed it. Then I want to line the back with fleece and if I’m feeling ULTRA ambitious I’d love to pick out the entire cable pattern on the fleece like a quilt. hard work? yers… can I do it… maybe but it may take a fair bit of swearing. we’ll see if I can get the best part of it done before the sprog pops.

3, another bit of lace.

I’ve picked up the pattern for Adammas shawl another freebie! I’ve found out my oldest ball of lace and started knitting. I’ve almost ruined part of this ball but hopefully a good wash once knit up will save all the woes. The biggest challenge now is completing a whole shawl on 3.5mm needles. ACK! I loved doing the spiral shawl but by the end I was on size 6mm needles. EASY PEASY!

anyways these should keep me going for some time to come so hopefully pictures soon.


where did that go?

January 6, 2008

work has been busy, I’ve been out most lunch times getting stuff sorted. I’ve now paid the deposit for our wedding. Starting to think about how it should all pan out. I’ve booked with the registrar for us to both give notice. Poetically I booked it on my birthday so Scotty has to take the day off to spend it with me.

Erasmus is booked in to the vets next friday for another check up. Another day off, although this is my “free day” from Christmas.

Started a pair of super tight mitts for someone at work. They are all black and I’m going for a channel style look, long and slinky.

I’m at stalemate with the socks fighting with myself whether to make them short or long. There are many reasons for and against. I just cant decide so they sit unfinished, and therefore unpublished.

finally a long awaited stash parcel arrived. I so have to stop spending soon!


woO! merry christmas

December 25, 2007

I’ve been sooo lazy but also soooo busy. I’ve knitted like its been a life long need that could not get out of my system. I’ve taken photos of my achievements and some are now wrapped and ready to be gifted having been washed and blocked.

Friday I still felt a little rough but went to the works Christmas party. It was reasonable fun, nice to see everyone happy.

Today our friends M&S (better that way round than the other) popped over, we had lunch, lounged around and did the age old playing of a board game. My 90’s addition of Trivial Pursuit questions are very odd and lead to a long game in which we all shrugged lots.

Just before I show off the knits, I just want to say WOOHOOO ITS CHRISTMAS!! YAY! BOING BOING!

can you tell I’m still 10 inside?

The scarf is from VLT

I lurve it, the posh yarn I used was to die for, it made the knit quick and enjoyable. The pattern is a rose leaf center pattern from Victorian Lace Today book, with a moss stitch border. I knitted until there was almost no yarn left at all. A perfect gift knit.

the newest socks are my own design

This photo does not do these justice. The yarn is thick and smooshy and an rich blood red. Only 52 stitches in the round for the sock, so even though the cables slow me down the rows are shorter than normal. I found an online stitch pattern maker in java. Warning this broke my fire fox on my mac, but works fine in safari. I planned out the cascading cabled hearts and copied off as a jpg. I will make this available at some point soon.

the scarf is “my so called scarf”

This alpaca merino mix is super fat and looks great as an almost camouflage grey scale mind bender. I’m loving these results too. These items are all on Ravelry and of course in my Flickr knitting set.

All the photos for the socks to give to my sister tomorrow are in storage ready to come out.

I wish all of you the best of Christmases, and lots of love.



November 25, 2007

lovely fiber came through the post via etsy today. I am in love with its smooshyness. I bought this:

and this:

Thanks to Fiberspace for the images. I’m very happy with my purchases. The colours are very accurate.

Then I popped to the knitting shop this morning on the off chance that they had got in the needles I asked for. They did. I now have 2 metal addi lace 2.5mm circulars and also 2 wood 3mm circulars. I also had all the luck because Norfolk Yarn also had felting needles and some super wonderful sock yarn I could not leave behind, a semi solid lipstick red

This afternoon and this evening have been knitting heaven with new needles. So very smooth, so very easy. stitches are falling off my needles. The peacock socks are already at the gusset. I really need to get some photos. Tomorrow I hope to start felting some of that stuff up there. I’m tempted to learn spinning but I’m scared of taking on another craft just yet. Felting comes first.


not so much fun but games

November 21, 2007

The other day I ordered some games for the wii online from GAME. I cant fault the actual delivery of the items. They turned up yesterday morning nice and early. Thing is I’ve still not recieved any of the email. I checked my cpanel account online at home and it was not that causing the issue. I’m sure my account with jiva does not expire until september 2008. There is No reason at all why the emails have not turned up. Mighty odd.

Anyway we got Simpsons, Lego Star Wars and Marrio Galaxy. We’ve tried the first two and they are fab. I can see Scotty haveing lots to do whilst I work normal days over christmas. Plus it means lots of warm cosy nights in for the both of us.
I’ve been knitting at that sock (two at once so that should be socks). I am at the point of gusset increase. Things are looking good. I really should take some photos. Which reminds me, photos are up for mums birthday party, go take a look.

Sorry if this seems a little short and stabby, I’ve had a REALLY rough nights sleep. I woke up several times and then from about 4am onwards I had to get up because my nose was stuffed. Got back in to bed around 4.30 and lay awake. I may have drifted in and out but I did sweat buckets, get cold, get hot, listen to snoring, hear cars and birds. I was not resting properly. Come the alarm going off for Scotty I was a mess. He said its not that bad so I burst in to tears. Mainly because right then I was with head ache, tired and completely unable to relax properly it was that bad in my head. He tried to comfort me but saying the things that would wind me up the most instead of just hugging me, not his fault, just mine for being completely erational where sleep is concerned. So yeah up at 6 and no more sleep. I’m never ever good after lack of sleep. I can sleep for England and Europe. Being deprived of what I consider my one major requirement will make me a complete emotional wreck today. Then there’s the vets tonight so I had to come in early to work. Plus the builders were prompt at 7am and started the cement mixer at 7.15.

Please, if you’ve read this today try not pick on me. Give me a gentle stroke and say “aw have a cookie and a cup of tea” and walk away slowly before I cry or scream. You have been warned.


confessions of a closet knitter

October 2, 2007

My socks are already at the crucial heel part. I need to rip something out (that shawl I’ve tried for the 5th time), I have new skeins of yarn which I have not blogged and all of this has not been updated on ravelry. Now I do love sharing these things but it means admitting that I’ve started something. Also admitting that I’ve got more stash than I need. Even moreso it points out that I’m probably going to have to rip something out again. There is something hidden about publishing items that I’m creating that telling you about them then jinxes the item in to a backward spiral to nothing.

Confession time. I’m using up the orange yarn I have, practicing for more professional socks once I have the pattern and design down. Yet again I’ve tried to follow patterns but for what I want to achieve I am squishing several patterns together to achieve perfect sockdom. I know I’m not that experienced but this is how I learn best, trying and testing techniques until I have one down that achieves the desired look and feel. So far I LOVE the toe, and gusset. I need to tackle the heels but for now I’ll add some details as to where I’ve pulled my toe technique.

Firstly I started with a: Single Cast-On aka Backward-Loop Cast-On
what they say is: Easiest method to learn, but tricky to knit from evenly. listed on
I casted on 15 stitches for each sock then pushed them off the back of the circular needle on to the wire. The issue with this is to do one toe at a time because you need to hold on to the loops, save them falling off the needle and tangling. Then I knitted back across the stitches to make them solid. For this I knit first stitch in to back of loop then k across. k in to back of 2nd to last loop and drop the original cast on knot loop. Once these stitches are on the wire rather than the needle, take up the 2nd circular needle and pick up the draping loops and knit those on the new needle.

This does work great but for some silly reason on my first attempt I have managed to make toes that are an odd number of stitches on the base and even on the top. 33 and 34. Also not a congruent size with any pattern out there. I can see a rod coming and its going to be strapped to my back shortly.

To make the extra stitches in the toe on every other row, of course this is all now in the round and every other row is increased after the first stitch which is twisted and just before the last stitch that is twisted. This is for both sides of the sock. Here is an example of the increases I made. found on knitting help I also found that lifting stitches like this works one way to hide and be perfectly hole-less. There is an alternative for the other side of the sock that works the same but the twist has to be in the opposite direction. The opposite increase can also be found on the same knitting help page.

Here is a fine example of sock instructions on how to do the toe up loop on method:  The instructions are broken down in to reasonable parts and each page takes you through the next stage of a toe up sock.

Yarnissima, and Wendy have also been my saviours for sock ideas and understanding. They are both EXTREMELY talented knitters and well worth listening to. Some of their stunning designs can be found free of charge at The Loopy Ewe

One tool I cannot do without is the fantastic and well written tech knitting blog. Where they also have instructions for  casting on by looping and many many more fantastic techniques. I’m in awe at how knitting has been deconstructed here and made simple to understand what each stitch type does and how it relates with others.

I found a blog that does video blogging for those who love visual instruction. well worth a look. I would love to do something like this but I know they are way better than I could ever produce.

Anyway enough knitting for now, I need to go practice some heel types on some spare yarn before I dare commit to my new socks. Maybe even take photos… Shock horror I may even get something up on ravelry! go on, add me as a friend 😉



September 26, 2007

ok the plan was to get some nice video done, chop it up and post it out there. But on my search to find other materials that have done similar I came across better people than I that have done what I was going to do. IF I get around to improving on my work so far, I need an angle, a way to be different from what is out there already or the idea will not take off and I’m just adding more bumf to the Internet with no decent purpose. Then I started pulling apart the work I did so far and

1, its fuzzy, the yarn and needles are too small to show technique

2, no sound because I’ve not scripted or done anything to make it clear.

3, I need a dark background and a hat with a web cam and torch in it.

4, I keep my thumb in front of the stitches on the left needle WAY too much.

5, a decent microphone because nearly all the stuff out there already has TERRIBLE sound. It is understandable JUST but trying to listen to an American accent that’s drowned by bad encoding makes watching knitting videos almost impossible to concentrate on and therefore less watchable.

Overall I’m glad I tried the experiment. Best of all would be a monthly or weekly video knitting pod cast but so far I’ve found someone else who already does that, way better than I ever could. I don’t want my face or voice on camera, just my hands because I’ve come to the conclusion before I don’t want to be famous, I just want to help people. This is going to take a lot more thinking about before I do anything else with it. More prep, more ideas, more time. What I do want to do now is link all the stuff from here that would be useful to others. Hopefully that will be my next post.


enjoyment and recovery

September 3, 2007

Friday night we had some friends stay over. Only 3 which is about all we can cope with. It was nice, once they got to our house we went out and got a curry in town then came home to drink more. Erasmus was pure entertainment the whole time and he has gained more fans. He just appears to perform for guests, jumping in and out of a bag and mewing on command. He knows when he’s the star of the show. All friends left with a jar of chutney. we’re getting down it now, and I just cant resist not letting people leave without something to remember us by!

Saturday was beer recovery day. I knitted and got some washing done.

Sunday I cooked and did some more washing and knitting. Also went to tescos on an empty stomach. Oh dear. I’ve bought all the wrong things and they are DELICIOUS… there goes the lb’s back on I lost. *sigh*  We were going to go see mum and dad at thier new house but after ironing 7 shirts and doing all the rest of the general stuff that NEEDED doing we ran out of time. What we did do was cook marrow, now I do like stuffed marrow but I didn’t fancy that. What I can reccomend is small chunks breadcrumbed and fried. That with chutney goes down great.

/start knitting content

The bayerische mitts are coming along nicely. If I get time I may finish them soon. One is now complete with thumb. I’m very impressed with the end product. I had to get creative with the top of the glove and with the thumb. The top is a mirror of the increases at the bottom with decreases instead and the thumb may not be explainable. I sort of picked up stitches to fill holes and made it up as I went along to achieve something that does not look out of place. I casted off as loose as I could to allow movement in the top and I may have done it just a little too loose but it still looks great. The thumb is cast off just right although I would if repeating still have two more stitches in the round than I finished because it becomes quite a tight fit.

I started listening to a pod cast on knitting. I looked them up on itunes and Brenda of cast on is an absolute scream. I wanted to start at the beginning and it has been a bit strange hearing about Christmas 2004 on my walk in to work. I have on several occasions burst out laughing in public whilst walking. Trying to compose myself, I’m sure I look like a complete loon but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a light hearted look at knitting. I also listened all the way round the supermarket the other day and it made the whole shopping experience much better. Brenda appears to be the most downloaded on itunes, this is why I chose her. I will start looking at others but not until I’ve got a bit more up to date with hers.

/stop knitting content

This week is officially now 7 years in the same job. Make from this what you will: *itch itch*